Monday, April 18, 2011

Birdhouse Railroad Ponyland

Lauren of Lend Me Some Sugar comments and submits (my comments are in red, when Lauren writes, I just let her take the reins.)

Okay I admit, I have been unmotivated but I'm making a comeback here, and for your entertainment I present Birdhouse Railroad Ponyland:

At first glance, a modest assortment of homes for teensy tiny birds. Seriously the only birds around here are gigantic fat robins and turkey vultures. Oh and the random turkey. Are the turkey vultures searching for turkeys? So the other day I turned up this street instead of taking my usual route home, and lo and behold. A pony.  And I vowed then and there to return this weekend. So I did. I know the people were home because three vehicles were parked in front of the house, and the house lights were on in the windows, so I made my teenage son walk in front of me and pretended to take photos of him, then I would peer into the screen of the camera and pretend to be looking at his picture, while in reality I was shooting the photo of the collection! So slick. (very slick, a seasoned reporter)


Huge cement heavily fortified birdbath probably for turkey vultures to bathe in. No water: 1 point
Rusty American Flag doo-hickey sticking in ground: 1 point
Gigantic 4x4 Fortress on which to hang teensy birdfeeder(that is hilarious, maybe they feed bears): 0 points
Pony Shoe Flower hanging on wall: 1 point
two  birdhouses with teensy holes (definitely decorative): 2 points

light up American Flag (July 4th decor!!) in window (ah Lauren, it is in the house): 0 points
some kind of cow on a stick, below light up flag: 1 point
8 more bird houses with teensy holes: 8 points
wagon wheel: 1 point
another bird bath: 1 point
family on a stick thingy on green pole by bird bath: 1 point
horsie weathervane (in front of wheel, somewhat disguised by dark brick to lower right of window): 1 point

on wall:
moon: 1 point
sun: 1 point
frog: 1 point
cudgel? (Great! our first cudgel, I hope you were not too close to the house): 1 point
pony-shoe butterfly (beginning to suspect a theme): 1 point
bench?: functional if you can sit on it: 0 points
bad view of pony head hitching post: 1 point

better photo of pony head hitching post
two pony shoe shamrocks sticking in ground: 2 points
chess piece (why?) (why not): 1 point
magnificent red and white chevron (I LOVE IT): 1 point
another bench: 0 points

pony shoe wreath: 1 point
pony shoe cross: 1 point
pony shoe flower: 1 point
eagle hanging above door: 1 point
whirligig with pony face in middle (yeah see, I think there is a theme): 1 point
grapevine wreath above garage with WHITE ICE SKATE in center!!!! awesome!! ( I agree): 1 point
Nebraska Corn Shuckers sign: 1 point
two pony shoe flowers: 2 points
authentic stolen-from-a-railroad-crossing Railroad Crossing sign (wow, that like yard art larceny): 1 point
bathtub??? how does that fit in to this display? Is this where we used to bathe the ponies before they all died?: (ponies got to drink and bathe their feet): 1 point

better composition of tub and railroad sign,
AND lovely green and red something or other diamond shaped thingy (it truly is lovely): 1 point

stone thing with heart shape: 1 point
Pony Face round metal thing (in front of tree): 1 point
Is this where they bury their dead ponies???
Demonic White Pony Statue with red Christmas garland around his neck (an evil dead eyed pony with festive garland): 1 point + 1 for dressed + 4 holiday bonus
pony shoe flower (are all the pony shoe ornaments made with mementos of their dead ponies????): or they have a pony with a shoe fetish: 1 point

Subtotal: 49 points

Creativity Bonus

For the pony shoe land, the demonic pony and the ice skate wreath: 4 points

Total: 53 points

Manatee welcomes Lauren back and is more than a little afraid of the pony


  1. Not sure how you judged this one, it was a challenge I am sure. Weird pony above.

  2. Fantastic idea on how to photograph yard art with out looking suspicious. I love ponies. I hope everyone in the neighborhood is careful crossing the railroad tracks too!

  3. Karen, I know. I am pretty sure this is our first child sacrifice. Although Diane, was know to pull a camera out of a baby carriage.

  4. Tufa Girl, I am pretty sure I smell voodoo. Perhaps all those horse shoe doodads hold some kind of hex.

    Don't ride you ponies in this neighborhood.

  5. Quite a find ... I love the bait-and-switch photo technique. The zombie pony is kind of creepy, though.

  6. MorningGLory, this house has so much going all, that it is hard to take it all in. I do so love the zombie pony.

  7. That is one freaky zombie pony.

  8. I think I've seen that pony in my nightmares. In real life, it is so much worse.

  9. I like the idea of using your kids for getting photos nonchalantly,Lauren.
    The pony is frightening.
    I need to get on the score board for this quarter. Going a-hunting. I know some places but I might need a decoy.

  10. Wow! I wonder how they harvest the birds...
    Also, Pony Girl's new love of zombies (I swear I don't let her watch my horror movies), combined with her long time love of ponies, makes this yard art a must have! I hear a zombie neighing coming from the garden!

  11. El Gaucho, you need one.

    Olga, I am so sorry you are having demonic pony nightmares, they are the worse.

    Rosey, I know Lauren is very clever. Grab a friend or a dog and position them near the yard. It seems you can take your time as opposed to the drive-by method.

    Lola Nova, Pony Girl is a very interesting little girl and you are a interesting Mom for having a zombie movie collection.

    I think they feed the pony small birds out of the bathtub.

  12. WTF! And before Sweepy reports me to the Censors board, F meant F-U-N. Not really. Now I can't sleep at night without imagining the scene. Bad for the holy week's contemplation.

    I'd give Lauren 10 pts for the mini graveyard and for documenting the stolen (could it be?) railroad sign. Now I understand why there are trains colliding everywhere!

  13. Lui, I tell you it chaos!!! Train wrecks, zombie ponies running amuck, small birds disappearing...

    How do you manage to sneak away with a railroad crossing sign.

  14. I haven't been visiting for awhile and it's amazing what the field reporters are coming up with in my absence, not that my presence made such a great impact! Again almost speechless!

  15. Lauren, you really need to share the golden ball with your son!! Or maybe LH will give him one of his own? That is quite a yardful - I wouldn't know where to look first.

    And the RR sign! Diane "liberated" a huge stop sign just before she left for college, but left it for me to move to my new apt. because she was away.

    LH - I tried to comment in the dark of night, but the blog nazi didn't like my cookies and wouldn't post. Hmpf!

  16. AHH!!! Here you are! I couldn't locate you for a moment there. I have the ultimate yard art for you on my blog. Go see.

  17. LVL, the game keeps changing as the reporters get more talented. Before long they will be wearing helmet cams.

    Mom L, Do you still have that liberated Stop sign! Did you put it in your yard. What blog nazi! I can't be having Mom L's creative flow stopped.

    Lynn, great yard art. Everyone go over to It's a July Thing as Lynn is a very busy writer. We can all talk about how rocks don't count but do these rocks count!

  18. Ha ha I think this is my first golden ball! You can actually see the right arm of my son in one of those pictures...fourth picture down from the top. He's quite glamorous in real life, too. Such a nice boy.

  19. Zombie ponies and horse shoe doo dads... Are horse shoes good luck? Do you hang them a certain way to make them evil? Do good horse shoe doo dads block out the zombie pony voodoo?

    So many questions... inquiring minds...

  20. Ooooh, Lauren did good with the dead pony! And I like her technique of draggin' the kid along. I'm gonna have to try that!

    Nice score, Lauren!

  21. Cindy, a horseshoe has to me up to be lucky as in it hold the luck. Most of these shoes are facing in a spillage direction.

    Lin, yes Lauren made an excellent play.

  22. I have consulted with budding field reporter 'Pony Girl,' and she says zombie ponies are no good - "cause they don't giddy-up and you have to be specially careful when you feed them carrots 'a-cause' they would rather eat your fingers...AND YOUR BRAIN!!!!!"

  23. That black eyed pony wearing a lei is scaring the heck out of me. But I think the ice skate in the grapevine wreath could be a rather clever idea.... if it had a bit more greenery... and was on the front door... and it was Christmas.... and there was nothing else in the yard.

  24. Lola Nova, I feel better now that Pony Girl has clarified the care and feeding of zombie ponies. I suspected they did not giddy-up!

    Jeri Landers, I agree that the ice skate wreath could be quite cute in the right circumstances or it could act as a guillotine. Depends upon your perspective.

  25. I realized this is an old, stale post to return to, but I just discovered it and simply *must* comment on the zombie pony! I think this may be the gorgon horse that stone-ified our little demonic zombie from "the sun was no longer warm" post a while back! Good hunting skillz on that.

    Also, I see that Lauren has figured out what I need to do. Bribe my little brother into this sort of behavior. I really like it. Very sneaky, my precioussss...


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