Monday, April 11, 2011

Cornucopia In Redneck-ville

Karen of Quarry Garden Stained Glass comments and submits: (Karen, you have the Floor)

Out and about again the first weekend in April and came across some wonderful yard art for TYAG.  We were cruising down the highway when we spotted this gem and had to turn around and get a better look.  (cruising down the side roads is the best way to capture wild yard art)

There's a milk can by the house number and a farm implement (looks like an antique cultivator)  Not sure what the white tubing is for, maybe they sell vegetables or something at a roadside stand?  There is a sign announcing Farm Fresh Eggs hanging from the tubing along with an upside down Kessler's sign,  too.  If you like your Kessler's on the rocks, there's a handy Ice Machine right next to the house.  - OK, If I were to be jealous of a charter member of redneck-ville it would be because they own their very ice machine

The owner was out and about by her trash can, unfortunately, and was keeping an eye on us as we turned around and came back ever so slowly the second and third times.  Though it would have made for better pictures, we didn't get out of the car due to the fact there were two large dogs on the property; I know I'm a sorry excuse for a fledgling Field Reporter, but I wanted to have some pictures of yard art to submit and not end up in the hospital.  Though after looking at the arc in the snow, I guess the dogs are kept chained in a radius that doesn't get too close to the road so I would have been safe from attack.  From the dogs at least.  Not sure about the owner.  

We spied a cornucopia of Yard Art Items:

1. For Holiday point-age, we have the Christmas wreath over the door, the discarded Christmas tree/temporary landscape plant stuck in the snow, and Christmas lights hanging from the house.  Next to the large dog is the Nativity Scene which apparently has been out in the weather for years since the Wise Men are starting to lose their colorful garments.  Soon they will just be Albino Wisemen.  Too bad no one told them about sunscreen.  There are Christmas bears on the metal can by the door. : 32 points

2.  I especially like the Spring wreath hung below the Christmas wreath for multi-seasonal interest, after all, this is April in Wisconsin and with the snow on the ground, hey, they are covering both seasons.   We also enjoyed the multitude of Cling Art Sticker thingies in the right window.  There are some delightful orange flowers in what looks like an old washing machine next to the orange and white cat who is perched on an ammunition box.  How nice that the flowers and the cat are color-coordinated.  There is a red and white flag perched next to the house.   A thermometer on the front of the house tells passersby what the temperature is.  In the matching flowerpots on plant canes near the door is another pair of whirly-gigs with what looks like a silk rose.  On the left side of the door a white reindeer is blending in with the background.  The flower pots with pine boughs crammed in them add a touch of freshness to the display.  I'm not sure about the assorted chemicals on the steps, but I suspect they are not meant for human consumption.:
11 points

3.  Note the Very Comfortable Lawn Furniture upholstered in a tasteful plaid pattern right next to the Dog House which is roofed in a very pretty maroon rug.  This may or may not be Yard Art-- since the dog is so big the Lawn Furniture may actually be a Giant Doggie Bed, but it looks like it could use some shoveling before Fido takes a nap. (tsk, it is prerequisite of the loyal order of redneckery to have 
upholstered  furniture outside.) 

I like this write up so much I will just throw out a total score: 43 points

Creativity Bonus

For this Christmas Wonderland and for the awesome ice-machine which may or may not contain a dead body: 2 points

Total: 45 points

And yes, YOU KAREN have earned one:

and that is not something you can find here:


  1. Hey, plaid sofa, dogs on a chain and an ammunition box all in the front yard. I think Karen slipped south of the Mason Dixon for this photo.

  2. BTW - ROFLMAO to "came back ever so slowly the second and third times" - Karen, you deserve the Golden Ball of Bravery.

  3. I am so proud of Karen for this one, like a seasoned field reporter. Very deserving of all the points earned. Good job.

  4. At last, I have scored in a game AND earned a Golden Ball of Bravery! Lifeshighway, you have made my year, I am so happy. I've never been good at sports. My 35th high school class reunion is coming up in October; now I can brag I have a ball, and it is Golden.

    Tufa Girl, thank you, I wish I could have gotten out of the car to get clearer pictures, but the Lady in the Pink Stretch Pants (with matching slippers) was just too close for comfort. Maybe if I had some Southern Comfort I would have dared, but when I spied the ammo box, I changed my mind.

    gardenwalkgardentalk, thank you! Next time I will have to remember to bring a higher-powered lens along for closeups less likely to cause great bodily harm.

    lifeshighway, when you pointed out that the Ice Machine might be used for something other than cubes now I'm doubly glad I didn't go in for a closer look.

  5. Karen, this is freaking awesome! And I'm really glad you didn't get out of the car, or you might have ended up in the ice machine. I guess that's better than a giant shredder. I'm so glad I couldn't sleep tonight and crawled out of bed at 5am so I could see this bright and early!!! I think the ammo box would have scared me off, too, if the dogs didn't. Although I'd love some farm fresh eggs, I wouldn't dare approach that farmwife. Congratulations on a fabulous first entry!!

  6. Tufa Girl, I thought the same thing. I don't know why I think the south has the patent on rednecks. I LOVED how Karene fearlessly drove back and forth to take pictures of this house with Pink Sweat Pants lady glaring at her.

    gwgt, Karen certain does come across as a season field reporter. She must have a natural talent.

    Karen, you earned that ball. I hope you let in hang in honor of your accomplishment.

    And I am still wondering about that ice machine.

    Mom L, I know. I think Karen did an awesome job. Lets list it, Pink Sweat Pants Lady, wild dogs on a chain, ammo box, ICE BOX, and Christmas decorations. Fantastic!

  7. I love the ice machine. I am certain this was taken in the South. Karen, how far did you and Carl drive that day?

  8. Mom L, thank you! Giant shredder? Was there one there? Mon dieu! (see, I remembered my French from past posts on TYAG) I didn't see a shredder or a wood chipper, but now that you mention it, there's a good possibility there is one somewhere in the Pink Lady's yard. She could have gone all 'Fargo' on me.

    lifeshighway and Tufa Girl, oh no, the South hasn't got the Redneck Patent, well, maybe the Southern one, but us Cheeseheads hold the Northern title. We were actually about 100 miles north of where we live when we found this gem.

    I wasn't alone on this quest--(I hope that doesn't mean I lose my ball?) there was a carload of us, my husband, my son and one of our good friends and we all took turns shooting out our assorted car windows. (Which, by the way, is another Wisconsin Tradition, especially during deer hunting season.)

    We were eternally grateful she didn't return the favor.

  9. Karen, oh no the ball is yours. You can choose to share it if you wish. Personally if I had a gold ball, I would hold onto it and hope for a pair. Thank your entourage for me.

    Glad to know redneck is not a southern culture thing and that everyone can share a slice of the redneck pie.

  10. Karen, this is amazing. Golden Ball is well deserved; I love your comment that you've 'never been good at sports'! My 35th HS reunion is also in October - what a coinkydink.

    Here I thought all these years that the southeast had the corner on the redneck market. Little did I know!

  11. It is good to be with someone who will turn around when such things are spotted along the road. I can't imagine the despair of being in a car with someone and they won't stop so you can catch a photo.
    Karen, what a brave squaw you are. Cherish that ball.

  12. MorningGlory, everyone should want a golden ball especially a disco one. It should work in well with the high school reunion.

    Rosey, she sure is, in fact it sounds like she has a good control over her troops. Karen is going to be an up and coming star.

  13. No, Karen, thank YOU - for finding the right words! My brain wasn't completely awake, so I wrote shredder instead of wood chipper - how did you know I immediately thought of "Fargo"? One of my faves.

    LH, you certainly encourage the best of reporters!!

  14. lh, Phew, I'm so glad I can keep my Ball.

    Rosey, I know what you mean, if my son wouldn't have stopped and turned around (3 times) I would have had to carjack my own car, but he's a TYAG fan, so no worries there.

    MorningGlory, it is a coinkydink about the HS reunion. Now that you mention it, another problem has been solved for me....I won't have to lose that pesky fifty-four pounds before the reunion. I'm betting the old cheerleaders will be so envious of me when I strut in to my reunion. They thought they were 'all that' back in the day, but look at me now. I'm a Fledgling Field Reporter and I have a Golden Ball.

  15. Mom L, Ya, ya, 'Fargo' is one of my all-time favorite movies, too. Youbetcha. (North Dakota isn't all that far from Wisconsin) And the Pink Lady was kinda funny-lookin'.

  16. Mom L, I love Fargo, you betcha'

    Karen, you will be the envy of your classmates.

  17. You're a smooth smoothie, you know?

  18. OMG I can't stop laughing!!! YOU GO KAREN!!!! I swear I think we were twins separated at birth...this weekend while upstate NY, that house could easily fit right in where we were!!!! The blog post I did on the "backyard graveyards"....well I also have pix of the "yard art"....they to have a nativity scene that is just about white and sitting amongst overgrown weeds. Now Of course I can't find my camera...
    You should get at least FIVE balls of bravery, that amunition box is probably not just for looks!!!!

  19. Jester. I know just what you mean. After I read her submission, there really wasn't anything more to say.

  20. lh, I've never been a smooth smoothie before TYAG. I owe it all to you.

    Jester, those backyard graveyards were so cool, I haven't found anything like that around here.


  21. Karen, are you sure you're not me? I have the EXACT SAME OPINION of my former classmates. I also have (thanks to TYAG and LH) a Golden Ball of Bravery!

  22. Isn't it a basic human right to be able to empty your garbage wearing leisurewear without people from around the world casting judgement ?

  23. b-a-g just because you like to sport about in pink sweatpants does not mean you have to get all defensive.

  24. b-a-g, you are absolutely right. And pink is a lovely color to be sporting about in.

  25. Personally, I think these are Before and After pictures. Obviously, afer being snowed in with nothing to watch but reruns of Clean House, the folks of Casa de Crap decided to have a yard sale, minus the actual sale. Worried their neighbors might not be as fluent in foreign languages as they are, they dumbed down their sign to appeal to the masses, hence the "Free Shit" sign.

  26. Karen and LH, you betcha! Norm might have designed a different stamp if he'd seen this yard.

  27. Casa Mariposa, I think you're right. LH still has me creeped out about the Ice Machine though...I wonder if it was part of the sale?

    Mom L, I think you're on to something here, Norm could have designed a whole series of TYAG stamps, wouldn't they be amazing? Whenever they raise the postage, people need the little stamps.

  28. I think I saw this house on Hoarders last week.

  29. You had me with the "Free Shit" sign....Hahahahaha!


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