Saturday, April 9, 2011


So Spring Fever has hit and I am spending a lot of time outside and not enough time in front of my PC. I hope everyone is recovering from their yard art withdrawal.

I am working on a huge yard today but for now, a taste

El Gaucho of Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes comments and submits:

I live in a very conservative neighborhood in North Dakota.  Yard art
is few and far between around here.  With the exception of the
occasional "left up too long X-Mas decoration" and the "antique piece
of farm equipment", there is very little in the way of yard art in
these parts (hey that kind of rhymed).  So imagine my surprise when I
leashed up the pooches for their afternoon walk yesterday and walked
down my street to find - A Flingo Flash Mob had suddenly formed half a
block from my house!

"Holy Green Grandmothers Garters!!!" I exclaimed, and ran back inside
to get my camera before the flingo mob had dispersed.

Luckily I was able to capture the flingo mob from two angles and I
thus humbly e-mail my first yard art submission for your kind

 The team leader flamingos directs their flock to gather at this North Dakota Home
Hey, If Barb is having a party, the flock is going to be there. I hear there will be cake.

Time to discuss flocking, flocking is the phenomenon when you are temporarily gifted with a mass collection of yard art. While a delight for the eye and a spectacle for the home owner, the occupants are not true yard artists. They have been pranked. So while we can all enjoy Barbs discomfort that not only is she 40 and her neighbors know it, now we know it. (and that is pretty much the world!)

You don't try to take a flamingo's piece cake:

****** update*******
Due to gallery negotiations El Gaucho receives a score of 40 points. I counted 3 times and it makes since that there is a family for every year to add to Barb's visual misery.


  1. OMG! - A flock of flingo-flingoes. El Gaucho, you made my whole weekend with this one.

  2. Wow! I hope my husband does not see this entry. Not only are there not enough flingo-flingos for sale around here but I don't believe my sunglasses could hide me from a flock enumerating my next birthday.

  3. El Gaucho, your neighborhood is coming alive with Yard Art now! I could just see your dogs being all confused about why they had to run back home so fast...maybe they thought you feared the Pink Mob? Fantastic pictures!

  4. In the video, the flamingoes clearly let the tourists know that they have more interesting things to do. This flock of flamingoes in the yard looks a little fearsome. If I saw it in front of someone`s house, I`d be terrified. Poor mail delivery people!

  5. Never heard of the term flocking in this context. If you woke up on your birthday and discovered several gnomes on your lawn, would that be flocking too ? It would be quite traumatic and then to find out that they can't even be scored ...

  6. No score, really? Isn't it yard art?

  7. Flingo Flash Mob - spontaneously rockin' out to Ke$ha or Lady Gaga (or Sugarland, depending on your preference)!?! Randomly awesome!

    (El Gaucho took the Flingo attack w/ relative calm! I'm impressed! I was tag-teamed by a pair of Canadian Geese one time, when unknowingly venturing too near a nest. Attack dogs have nothing on pissed off birds!!)

  8. I can't wait to do this to someone....possibly with gnomes AND flamingos, just to be a show off.

  9. Since I hate plastic pink Flamingo's this would be my worst nightmare.LOL!

  10. I see gnomes hidden around the garden under trilliums and mayapples--native gnomes--for a gnome-lovers birthday, too bad Donna at GWGT lives so far away.

  11. Yes it was quite a flingo find indeed, but I really don't think that this is a trend towards more yard art (or any yard art at all for that matter) in the neighborhood. Surprisingly the pups were very understanding of my need to run back inside for the camera. The only problem is the puppy (9 month old bulldog mix) has never met a person or dog she doesn't instantly love, but somehow hates all manner of yard art. Light up deer, polar bears with Santa hats, Easter Bunny? She gets mad and growls and barks at them all, including the poor flingos. I guess some dogs have taste in artistic matters.

  12. Sorry, better late than never.

    First, If I had a lot of grouching, I could be easily swayed to give El Gaucho the points. Even though the yard did not belong to an actual yard artist, he did capture a moment.

    b-a-g, I suppose if you woke up to find a large grouping of gnomes, you should just stay in bed.

    Shyrlene, If only the flock had danced in a flash mob, I would get a flock myself.

    Catzilla, you really should. Then get back to us preferably with lots of pictures.

    Hocking Hills, I would rather be flocked by a group of flamingos that an angry mob of dolls

    El Gaucho, You dog has very good taste. You should take her out and let her scout out points for you.

  13. Please count the yard art. It is a special event for a flamingo flocking so far north... North Dakota, even!

  14. Thanks for the thought Carolyn. Either one would be a bit much I am sure. Yet to have a garden gnome and NEVER a flamingo. I have seen yards flocked before and always wonder what the homeowner says when they first get up. I bet it is a few expletives.

  15. What the flock?! I'm thinking this was after a heavy rain, and the flingo-flingoes were grabbing pink worms that came up out of the soil. The worms are pink because of the pink gin the homeowners had for their outdoor party, which of course spilled all over the ground during the orgy and while they were trying to escape the rain. The flingo-flingoes flocked by stealth when the first one discovered the shrimp-like worms.

  16. gwgt, I have only seen pictures of flocking and I have never witnessed one. You were a lucky witness.

    Mom L, I am feeling slightly sick thinking about hordes of wiggling pink fat worms.

    Since I had a plea and I love negotiations, El Gaucho gets on the score board.

  17. Congratulations to El Gaucho.

    lifeshighway and gwgt, two flamingoes arrived in our front yard ten years ago while we were gone on vacation. I'll never forget the awe I felt when our car's headlights lit up the pair perched next to our gazing globe. (Sad, but true, but hey, it's a stainless steel gazing globe.) This was just what our yard was lacking.

    Mom L, now it all makes sense. I was thinking some of the flingoes looked rather tipsy as some of them are almost horizontal after dining on pink gin-drunk worms. And I agree with lh, the thought does make me nauseous, too.

  18. The pink flamingo is one of those objects that people seem to either love or hate. Considered by someto be a work of art and to others to be visual pollution, this one object stands for everything that is good and bad about our modern society.

  19. pink flamingos, it is nice to have a philosopher come and visit. Since I like to live in the gray area, I just think they are fun.


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