Tuesday, April 26, 2011

King Kong is Alive and Well In Wisconsin

I'm really beginning to love Wisconsin. I know that as a southern I would probably curl up in a fetal position and cry until spring but as a producer of fine yard art, it is becoming a state of distinction.

Karen of Quarry Garden Stained Glass comments and submits:

We were just passing through this little town when we spied this lovely display

Once again, this was taken from the car window...I know I will never earn the Golden Balls of Bravery Award if I don't disembark from the vehicle and I promise to reform in the near future 

Score (Karen's comments are in blue)

cute house, kind of gingerbread-y. I have  taken many a picture from the safety of a get-away car

 Here we have a Gnome holding his hat in amazement of all the creatures he has to co-exist with; or maybe he has a migraine.  Or, he could be upset because it looks like there is a Gnome lying face down in the dirt very near him:
He looks stunned, as if he has lost his focus on life: 4 points

Alert!  Alert!  Gnome Down!! (this is when I have to trust my reports and not question their calling on a green blob): 4 points

The Burro turns his back in disgust.  Stupid Gnomes. 

 burro has an ample behind, she will not thank you for this butt-shot: 1 point

Not sure, but this looks like a bird bath with a ladder and a Lurking Cow....maybe all the Yard Art creatures come alive at midnight and take turns swimming in the Cement Pedestal Pond.  But they'd better behave or someone will give them...

 (I think there is a kitty in the pool): 3 points
The Boot. 1 point
This butterfly sculpture seems to have a belly-spinner attached, gives a whole new meaning to having butterflies in your stomach: ( 1 point)
Hmmm.......maybe the Gnome was waiting for the Cows to come home, and is that the Sun on a Stick?
 (unless we are talking red dwarf sun, I believe that is a reflector... but great try!) 1 point
All of this pales in comparison to this, though:
KING KONG!  Alive and well and eating a banana.  I wonder if he fell off the Empire State Pedestal behind him?  Just look at the expression on Poor Kong's face...maybe the animals on the totem pole climbed up there and knocked him off him off his pedestal.  Poor Gorilla.  
Somehow I thought he would be taller. They can do so much with angles in Hollywood: 1 point

knock off band for the Bremen Town Musicians - I bet the sheep lost to coin toss to get the pig on top on him: 1 point
Subtotal: 17 points

Creativity Bonus

Not a spectacular collection, I do like the Kong, he looks a little a few bananas short of a bunch and I like the knock off animal musicians: 2 points
Total: 19 points

The Bremen Town Musicians:
Allison wanted the Cat to be her breakout role, but Herbert was an Ass and stole the show.

The Bremen Town Musicians


  1. I think the farm animals piled high is a new one. This yard really is a mess, but a few unusual finds for sure. Karen you were brave going here.

  2. GWGT, actually the stacked animals is a very old image. I remember the story from my childhood of the runaway farm animals who seek their fortune as musicians.

  3. the interpretations of the pics gave me a good lol! very enjoyable post, thanks.

  4. thanks catmint, I take all the credit. Karen wrote up a big portion of it.

  5. Somewhere...a gnome honors a fallen comrade and a big assed burro turns away in disgust. I feel like the Wisconsin tourism board should be approached with using this to further tourism to their state.

  6. As an individual of ample behindness myself, I feel for the poor burro who was photographed from the rear. Great find, especially after the snowstorm last week in Karen's neck of the woods.

  7. El Gaucho, you should work for the tourism board. This is a genius marketing plan to get more people to visit lovely Wisconsin.

    MorningGlory, I hear ya', girl.

  8. gardenwalkgardentalk, thank you, but I must work on enforcing the rules of the Game with my various getaway drivers. We must come to a complete stop for better quality pictures.

    lifeshighway, I thought the animal stack looked familiar, and now I remember why. Herbert does look like a diva.

    El Gaucho, if this nutty weather keeps it up (today it's 36 degree windchills with gale force winds and flood warnings) the Tourism Board is going to need all the help it can get. We're going to have to do something about securing our borders, too. People are starting to escape Wisconsin at a rapid rate looking for Warmth.

    MorningGlory, I really felt the burro had the right idea, just turn your back on the whole thing.

  9. Karen, you are such a good field reporter hobnobbing with your public.

    You can tell Herbert and Allison have issues.

  10. It's been equally wacky weather here in Eastern North Dakota. We went from snow and 25 degrees to 65 and thunderstorms in a week. I'm still banking on climate change making North Dakota a very temperate and comfortable place to live in 20 to 30 years.

  11. Ever since I saw the video 'If We Had Some Global Warming' that LH posted here (was it back in January?) I can't help but hum it every day since then.

  12. El Gaucho, be careful what you ask for with heat can come the dreaded humidity. Plus that wish would turn my neighborhood into a rain forest, and I am not comfortable with large bugs or monkeys for that matter.

    Karen, I know... sometimes I watch it again for kicks. Plus I really want to set the flamingo free.

  13. I must say that King Kong eating a banana and smiling looks really scary.

  14. Burro: Big behind, but well-toned. Kong: Looks like he has constipation, banana may help. Bremen musicians: deserve 1 point each.

  15. Karen, I have to tell ya I think you're really brave! Not only for taking the pix, but for submitting some that have about the same quality as the ones I take that cause my daughter to snort. On the other hand - great find in the snacking mini-Kong and the delightful Bremen Town Musicians. I well remember that story. Maybe they will lead departing Wisconsonians back home.

  16. Mom L, Yes, I know, hanging my head in shame of making People Snort. I hope the Bremen's get their act together soon, too, because if it keeps raining the way it has been today, all of us Wisconsonians will be floating downstream to....uh...well, I guess Lake Michigan. (Dang, I hoped it would be warmer where we're going. Guess not.)

  17. b-a-g, thanks for the negotiation attempt, but with my lousy photography, it's a wonder LH even considered this, she's so kind. I agree with you and Olga, Kong does look scary, grinning like that. Constipation does weird things to the big guy.

  18. Olga, King Kong is disturbing looking and now b-a-g had diagnosed his problem.

    b-a-g, I don't know whether to thank you for the constipated imagery or not because it is stuck in my head now. I would like to give a point for each musician but the statue is all one piece unless we can talk Karen into back over there and knocking it down.

    Mom L, In my opinion all the reporters are brave. And don't let Diane snot at you. She send some that I snort at, too.

    Karen, you earned all your points. Glad you got some fans pulling for you.

  19. Where does a 400-lb constipated gorilla go? Wherever he can...

  20. Karen, don't worry - I've had to hang my head in shame on many occasions.

    LH, I know you have admitted to - on rare occasions - making typos. I really hope that is the case in your last comment, and that you really don't think Diane blows snot at me - she's quite genteel about her snorts!

  21. Owen, you are a true philosopher

    Mom L, I am famous for my creatively bad typos. No, I don't imagine that she blows snot your way. I know you brought her up better than that.

  22. I am a complete coward. I would never stop and exit a vehicle, or even pause to take shots of yard art, and I think I might be hauled into jail for using a telephoto! Still I am glad there are brave souls out there who have no such qualms. After all, King Kong lives, and we should know about it.

  23. That yard leaves me speechless. What a collection! And NONE of it goes together! What is with the boot? King Kong? And the butterfly spinner? I don't blame you for not getting too close.

  24. debsgarden, I feel the same way, but I'm trying to overcome my fears (even with a telephoto). I remember the legend told here about a Field Reporter who was chased down by an angry home owner's posse. Scary stuff.

    Lin, yes this was a truly unique collection of things, not sure what look they were going for. I need to get a faster lens.


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