Monday, April 11, 2011

My Garden Haven

Sorry about the break in submissions, I have spring fever and if I am not outside with my horse, I am beginning to get my yard in order. (Also I do have this pesky job, if only The Yard Art Game would become a money machine, we could have yard art every day, all day.... think of the possibilities.

Rosie Gan of My Garden Haven comments and submits:

Hi there, I've been thinking of doing this for a long time, so here it own yard art! You know how hard it is to have your own yard art scrutinized and evaluated? I'm trembling in dreaded anticipation of what you'd say. However I'll just go ahead and do it.
Here they are...from my garden haven, the birds and bunnies and other garden paraphernalia.

Rosie has a large collection and a beautiful yard. If you have not figured it out by now, I love yard art. I love the good, the bad and the ugly. Rosie's garden is beautiful and her yard art works very well amongst the landscaping and the foliage. But I forgive her for that.

Welcome to our Garden

Movie time:

  • Swan who huffing habit is beginning to effect her beauty: 1 point
  • Heron and unfortuante looking son: 2 points
  • 2 white-ish fling-flingos: 2 points
  • Penguin (maybe) & bike taking flowers for a ride: 2 points
  • Pagado: 1 point
  • Lovely blue eyed frog: 1 point
  • 2 garden admiring seagulls: 2 points
  • 3 searching ducks: 3 points
  • Cute turtle with hat: 1 point + 1 point dressed bonus
  • 2 bunnies on a lettuce feast and 1 hungry bunny: 3
  • 2 gnomes and pretty stepping stones (deceptively pretty): 8
  • Purple flaming, purple egret, 4 ducts, 3 bunnies: 9 points
  • Cute chicken (inside): 0 points
  • Marvelous looking geese (inside but very dazzling): 0 points
  • Duck family: 3 points
  • Crow in flight: 1 point
Subtotal: 40 points

Creativty Bonus

For the bravery of submitting your own yard for scruntiny: 3 points

Total: 43 points

Snookums garden:


  1. Don't tremble Rosie, there is no need to be ashamed. If I had to judge your personality by your Yard Art, I would say maternal & fun, with a taste for the finer things in life.
    (By the way - I think the scene of the mother and baby herons surrounded by flowers is too beautiful to score Yard Art points.)

  2. b-a-g, thank you so much for commenting on Rosie's lovely yard. I was hoping someone would admire. She put a lot of work into it and then bravely displayed it all for us to enjoy.

    Believe me, this was a hard yard for me, as I wanted to be delicate and I truly loved her landscaping but who am I to deny points when someone wants them enough to submit their own yard.

  3. Rosie, you're a braver woman than I am; I would never submit my own pathetic yard. Of course, yours is not pathetic -- you have a lovely garden!

  4. MorningGlory, I would not put up my yard because I would not want you to see my weeds.

    And my dying Rhododendrons. I must be the only southerner in the world who can't grow rhodies.

  5. It is a lovely garden with art. The seagulls stopped by to admire it and decided to stay.

  6. Tufa Girl, it is and the sea gulls will come and admire my yard once my knock roses get established.

  7. The music to the video is just perfect! So cheerful, while the gnomes lure you smilingly to your doom.

  8. Stacy, you are wise in the ways of gnome.

  9. Rosie, I really enjoyed your garden and yard art and your movie. I watched it three times and had a great time, love your captions. (The seagulls are very lifelike, I thought they were real.)

    lifeshighway, I'm amazed you can get as much done with the submissions as you do since you have a busy life outside of TYAG. But if you could have money-making Yard Art every day it would be a dream come true for your fans.

  10. Tufa Girl, sorry but it's fun.

    Karen, I wish I could become a professional yard art blogger. Oh and I made the movie, because I am a glutton for punishment like that.

  11. dang it there are typos in my movie. I should never try to do this stuff at night. I'll try to fix it. (sigh)

  12. I noticed that a lot of those pieces are inside...does that count??? I guess I'm just jealous--that was a lovely video. :)

  13. Lin, no inside art does not count, that just makes a whatnot for you to dust.

  14. Hey you yard art fans, I enjoyed reading your comments, and I must say I am glad I got up enough courage to send in my photos. Thanks for the kind words.
    lifeshighway, I loved the movie and the music! Will copy this video to my blog.
    Lin, the swan is on my patio sitting on my shoe cabinet, so it is technically outdoors.Heh heh. My chicken from New Zealand is in my sunroom...which is kind of outdoors as we get full sun there.The bluebirds in the cage are in jail, so technically they are indoors, but the cage is in my sunroom.
    Oh boy this is sooo fun.
    Karen,I got my seagull from Bali.There's only one seagull which flew from the fence to the wall-window perch to admire Miss Gladiolus there as Gull had fallen in love with her from afar and wanted to be near her.
    Stacy, one of the gnomes doubles as the sprinkler. That's the one you have to watch out for...he might just decide to get you wet if he doesn't like the look of you.
    MorningGlory and b.a.g. thank you for commending me on my bravery. I'm glad lifeshighway awarded me 3 points for that. Love you for that.
    Come over and visit me at mygardenhaven. We'll have coffee and chat about gnomes and such. Love you all!

  15. True garden art, Rosie. I admire quite a few of them. Love the sparkly geese.

  16. Love yard art, thanks for sharing! :D

  17. Hi your yard are is fun, all arts are beautiful. Rosie, I really enjoyed your garden and yard art and your movie. Thanks a lot

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