Saturday, April 16, 2011

Smitten putt heaven

First stop. More pics later.
I love this artist.


  1. OMG! Now THAT is Art in its highest form. And to think the artist made this while I was watching television?! I am awestruck.

  2. an arbor made of crutches, who knew? But really, what is with people and doll heads??? MAN do I hate doll heads!!!! LHG you must be havin nightmares!!! between all the fun stuff!

  3. Ohhh, that sign is So Austin! So jealous that you are having fun in the sun while we are back here bored just getting sucked up by tornados. But you deserve it, drink a beer for meee!

    And if I don't get a drunk text this whole weekend, I'm gonna be pissed. Just sayin'

  4. Help! Help! Someone rescue LH from the evil doll heads and the creepy mannequin with the peeling skin!

  5. I was so freaked out by the creepy doll heads and chipped mannequin with the Alien Head beads that I totally missed the "Crutch Arbor"! (I know, I know - "Helloooo, McFly! Is there anybody in there?)

    Thankfully, re-reading previous comments I dialed back in for the details. Then I noticed the head of hair on the lower right hand side of the photo -- and I had to stop looking. (Beer me!)

  6. I wonder if it's possible to order one.

    Puts me in mind of our nekkid cupid debate a while back. At what point do nude people cease to become art? I almost think there's a scale. If it's extremely beautiful or atrociously oogly, you're safe. If it looks too much like a real person, you're in trouble. Does anyone want to experiment?

  7. I think she needs a whole lot more than pasties.

    But that's just me: modest.
    You: not so modest? More towards the "skank" end of the dial? Notice how these are all questions?

  8. Holy Smoke, red girl just accused me of being a skank. (as in rhetorically).

  9. Proper form: Did redgirl just accuse me of being a skank?

    I don't know, did she?

    Lifeshighway version of dressing Ms. Boobies: pasties

    Redgirl version of dressing Ms. Boobies: actual CLOTHES lol

  10. Hey, she has a lot of necklaces so she is somewhat dressed. Who am I to inhibit the creative nature of nudist hand-less woman.


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