Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Word Has Finally Gotten Out

I understand that you and I are part of a subculture: the lovers of yard art and the artists who create or display it. The Highway is like a support group where we can take our shoes off and enjoy our guilty little pleasure.

People talk about us behind our backs. My neighbors point to my three gnome lurking in the hostas with suburbanite outrage. (Yes, three... one popped up last weekend. I am still investigating the culprit).

People roll their eyes in disgust as we drive and interrupt a conversation with the blurt "oh oh oh, 3 tier seahorse birdbath!!!".

Carolyn of Carolyn's Shade Garden has discovered that we have been vidicated:

yes, yes we have.


  1. Ha! Ha! Very funny! I don't interrupt conversations with the point system when I see an odd piece of yard art but I do make comments to myself as I walk through the neighborhood. One comment I'd like to ask one neighbor is "Why do you insist on leaving those deer on their yard when one deer has lost a foot; another has lost an ear; and the third deer needs a paint job?" But I do interrupt conversations if I see wonderfully quirky yard art....I just can't help myself!

  2. I admire yard art on my own. My friends and family just wouldn't understand.

  3. When I was walking past "Log Henge" the other day, I actually stopped to ask the kid why on earth they have those logs in their yard. He replied "Because we didn't know what to do with them". Oh. So, you stand them on end and put them in a circle in your lawn??

    I told him it looked like "Log Henge", kinda like Stone Henge, and it make him laugh. "Yeah, it DOES look like that!". And then I added that it made me laugh.

    So, there. I not only have the Golden Ball of Bravery for taking the photo with the dude out there, but I garnered an extra point of bravery for actually confronting the owner about their yard art--politely, I might add.

    Oh--my teenage daughter was DYING while I was doing this. Extra points for that alone. :)

  4. That is a great banner for the connoisseurs of great art.

  5. Well done Carolyn - there's even an out of season xmas tree.

  6. I think we should all have these banners to promote TYAG.

    Lin, you do deserve extra-credit for actually interviewing the yard art owner, I'm terrified whenever I take pictures thinking someone might shoot me or call the authorities and there you are, right up in their face. And now we know why Loghenge exists-- because they didn't know what else to do with them.

  7. Makes you want to think of all the random junk you have laying around and if you could put it to "interesting" use as yard "art".

  8. A nice banner with a very proud looking gnome. He should be giving a wink though.

  9. Lin, there really is a Woodhenge! Maybe "your" owner was trying to create something archeological in his yard.
    and for the one in the US, go to: and drop down to woodhenge.

    I think the gnomes have started a universal cottage industry with the banner.

  10. The Teacher's Pet, why don't you take a picture crippled deer... broken yard art is one of my favorites. Yes, I am a chronic interrupter. My friends are just used to it now, well in fact they do it to.

    Morning Glory, we are the elite. People just do not understand us.

    Lin, that is the bestest story and now this entry has earned the new redgirl suggested: fantastic comments label.

    Also, were you brave enough to mention that there yard was semi-famous to literally dozens of people.

  11. Tufa Girl, I love the banner. The gnome looks likes he will kick ass and take names.

    Lona, it is exciting and one more step towards the master plan.

    b-a-g, maybe one day you will love yard art.

    Karen, I am filled with all kinds of pride over Lin's interview. I remember when she was just a little cubby field reporter afraid to take her first pictures. Now she is even embarrassing her teenage daughter. That is real class.

    redgirl, get on that. Take some pictures and get back to use. You could change it once and week and we would never know. Think of the points you could amass.

  12. gwgt, he is proud because he knows he is awesome.

    Mom L, are you trying to educate us! I guess I had better go look. I can't be ignorant on wooodhenges you never know when it may come up at the one of the numerous cocktail parties that I attend.

  13. Lin, I meant to also tell you how awesome you are - not just for interviewing the kid, but for the highest act of motherhood: embarrassing your daughter! I did my best to embarrass Diane every chance I got, and still do.

    LH, sorry! It's just that I've always been fascinated with Stonehenge and even visited it almost 38 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't know about Woodhenge until years later. I just want to make sure you don't miss it when you go to England!

  14. Great banner!

    I do admire the golden balls some of you have. I'm still using a small, hopefully inconspicuous camera as we drive by. Though I have been known to roll down the window. In winter.

  15. Not competing, but there is a picture and a link to yours in my current post. Dozing in the afternoon sun, as the snow melts on the mountain peaks.

  16. I wonder if gnomes will ever arrive on our shores. We went out of town twice last week. First to the south then to the north. Not a single gnome in sight, not even in the stores. Just a lot of Snow White and henchmen, frogs, birds and pagodas.

    I don't have anything even remotely "art" in my "yard" which is mostly concrete anyway.

  17. The banner makes me wonder what would happen if I dared not to admire garden art. I try not to get on the bad side of gnomes, ever.


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