Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yard Games

I know everyone is waiting on pins and needles for the story on the Austin Yard Art Trip of a Lifetime Extravaganza. Ok, so I haven't written it up as I wanted to get yards on the score board. Perhaps I should give you a taste:

Introducing Punchinella:
After she steals your soul, she puts them in little tiny cages. I suggest you do not make eye contact.

On a lighter note, after a hard day of entertaining yard art enthusiasts, the little darlins like to play a rousing round of hide and seek.

Diane of Loess is More comments and submits:

I actually pulled in their driveway for this one LOL! - (seasoned field reporter)

1, 2, 3 .... is every one hiding?
  • World champion hide and seek player: 1 point
  • Bitter rival: 1 point
  • Pouting non-players on swing: 2 points
  • Lion (please, don't insult the lion): 1 point
  • Gnome on a stump (does not quite get the concept of the game): 4 points
  • Gnome hiding behind tiny birdbath: 4 points
  • Look out gnome and buddy hiding behind dead plant: 8 points
  • The "G" spot sign: 1 point
  • Turtle score keeper: 1 point
  • Getaway bicycle (no one likes the referee): 1 point
Subtotal: 24 points

Creativity Bonus

For the riveting competition even though I know the gnome will cheat: 3 points

Total: 27 points

I bet this was not intended to be as creepy as it is:
another victim of Punchinella


  1. I want to line the perimeter of my yard with doll heads on stakes.

  2. No doubt that was the intent of 'is everyone hiding'. I like this one, simple and sweet. So simple, not one flower in sight.

  3. Kudos to Diane; Hide-And-Go-Seek Gnomes! What a great concept. We should start a line of HAGS Gnomes, with a complementary line of Dodge Ball Gnomes, and maybe even some Simon Sez Gnomes. It'll make us millions!

  4. Is there a way to search certain subjects? I wanted to show off my Snow Spotting Skills to someone (my cooperating teacher for student teaching - it's his class). Maybe it's better I don't ... he probably thinks I'm insane by now anyway. I think he's avoiding me now.

  5. gwgt, what there weren't any flowers? I did not notice.

    MorningGlory, great idea... lets add Lawn dart gnomes.

    Lauren, I sent you a list of what I believe is your body of work in the game. Blogger seems to just give up on searches when the entries are a little older. For my favorites, everyone should do a search on "Lauren" and read her honorable mention. That is my favorite picks for her best year.

  6. That's not the right way to cook a toddler. I have so many much better recipes.

  7. Oh, Pulchinella is fearsome. I do not like the looks of her at all. Good thing they found the baby before it was too late.

    I guess Diane is a Seasoned Field Reporter, pulling right into the yard to get the proof that Gnomes do indeed play hide and seek. I thought they waited until after dark for these shenanigans.

  8. Olga, ah ha ha...everyone knows you barbecue them.

    Karen, diane has the gift. She is a professional shenanigan seeker.

  9. Oh fabulous. I figured out all I have to do is click my name if I'm tagged in the post, and it brings some of them up.

  10. And another thing: I have been looking for that particular Spot for years and now it turns out it was in these people's front yard all this time.

  11. Lauren, great i did not know that trick. I always just do a search.

    Karen, who knew all this time it just been right there with a big sign pointing to it.

  12. There is such thing as too much lawn decoration. I think if I were a member of that Homer Owner's Association, I would have submitted a picture and ask for a limit. But then again, you wouldn't have blog post without it.

  13. LH, you must have been terrified out of your thong when you saw Punchinella.

    Diane, once again you've proven that you're braver than your mother.

    Karen, now that you know where to find the Spot, I wish you many visits!

  14. Mom L, butt floss is not part of my field reporter uniform.

    Diane is indeed a talented perhaps she wears a thong.

    and Karen, don't go hanging around the spot, people will begin to talk.

  15. I have shown this to the 'wee folks' and they have been told by me that Punchinella lives very far away...

  16. So how did the baby come out? I hear they aren't very tasty. Probably all of that breast milk.

  17. klahanie, She does indeed.

    A Beer for the Shower, when you boil them they lose their taste. Would not be my first choice unless I was making chowder.


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