Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bom Sent Us A Present

Yesterday the internet went down at 1:30 PM. Some dork cut the fiber optic cable and the whole town and surrounding area had no phone, fax or internet. (unless you had cable, which I don't)

Anyway, here I was unproductive at work and no internet... oh the irony.

If you guys do not read the comments you should. The comments of The Yard Art Game is a social party. All the best reporters are there. I was unable to play except for random pecking on my cell phone that took forever.

Bom of The Plant Chaser posted this in the comments as a addendum to Santo Niño amongst the dwarfs.

enjoy more Weng-weng goodness:

also the internet came up early this moring and I don't have an entry ready for you.


  1. If you have time, please take a look to my last post: you'll see a piece of Italian Yard Art! ;)

  2. You are forgiven for the non-entry post. This was really all I needed!

  3. I'm scoping out a very worthy addition or two for the yard art game. I guess my new 'hood is a more favorable hunting ground. Not that I'm excited about it....

    Christine in Alaska, gnomes, icons, and wishing wells, oh my

  4. My fav part:

    At the end when the cartoon is floating and he says "bowl cut"

    I think you need to post more amusing videos before I'll forgive you. (wondering how long I can milk this for)

  5. Guess you had to resort to old-fashioned modes of communication like talking face to face ...

  6. Dona, I was very impressed with your red Snow White. I guess her prince has already come.

    Lola Nova, glad you liked it. It certainly cheered me up.

    Christine B, I am very excited that you have a new 'hood. We are in standby mode.

    redgirl, what did I do?

  7. b-a-g, don't egg her on. I thought El Gaucho was mad at me for spider posting. Now I find I have ruffled redgirls feathers.

    Probably over her ginger breeding program. She and I will have to fight it out at the end for world domination like the Highlander.

  8. It's ridiculous how useless I am when the Internet is down. I stop functioning as a human being and just go into a coma.

  9. Finally...back where I can *post* comments instead of just reading them!

    b-a-g: Yeah, LH has difficulty with face to face contact. Even the phone is a struggle for her, but we tolerate her hang-ups (lol, see what I did there?) because she has such a great blog. Maybe Eventer79 will be able to get her help at some point.

    LH: I see myself having more scales rather than feathers. Or plates like an armadillo. I wasn't going to bring up your big reveal of my ginger breeding program, but since you did...

    I think it ludicrous that you would even try to out-ginger me. I bet that in YOUR harem, the cuffs don't match the collars (and you only have yourself to thank for THAT turn of phrase). Having such superior stock, I plan on taking over California in a decade (God knows our "government" here needs it), and to begin moving across the Midwest in the following decade.

    You are welcome to carve out your own territory...for now. Just know that by the time I get there, you'd better have a good vassal-gift ready to present to your conquering empress.


  10. that video was insane. much like the comments.

  11. redgirl, my breeding program has been in the works for quite a few years. Unfortunately, I am having problems finding superior breeding stock. And no, I do not except fake gingers, although I do not require the "big reveal".

    I'll meet you in Kansas...

    -E- you will get the hang of it. Sometimes we even talk about yard art.

  12. redgirl, I am working on an excellent vassal candidate (you can ask eventer79)


  13. Wow, a Chinese Webster that kicks people in the nuts. But can he defeat the Pink Armadillo? I cannot rest with such a query hanging out there unsatisfied...

    Oh, and redgirl, lh never has to ask for the big reveal, she usually gets it volunteered. You can ask her for details.

  14. so true, gingers love to share too much information. In guys, check for arm hair, if it is red, you have go the read McCoy.

  15. @ LH: Didn't expect the video to get a post of its own. Haha. Good to hear your internet is back up. I take it the withdrawal symptoms prevented you from gardening.

    @ eventer79: OMG! That would be a classic. Weng-weng vs. Pink Armadillo.

  16. LH, you sound about as helpless as I am when the internet is down. And my cell phone is just a phone - no texting, no camera, no nuttin.

    LH and redgirl, I'm way ahead of you both. After all, I produced Diane - the awesome Savannah reporter!

    Oh, and LH? Arm hair? I always thought the proof of color was a little lower than that.

  17. Ok. I was really trying to stay out of the whole ginger breeding master plan fracas but, I just need to say that I got me a ginger Mr. from Kansas! Pony Girl is really showing off her red hair in the sunshine these days. Oh yeah, way ahead of you guys! You should see the cousins! I've got West coast and the Midwest covered!


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