Monday, May 9, 2011

The Cup Fence - Revisted

I'm sorry I have been a little inconsistent with the postings lately, but the warm weather calls me and as I work 5 days a week and rush to the barn after work, I begin to find myself running out of hours. I am sure once the Hell of a hot Carolina summer hits and the humidity climbs up to a comfortable 90%, you will be seeing a whole lot more of me.

Karen sent in a very nice submission and when I opened the emails I heard a mass of violins playing the famous "reek ,reek, reek" sound from Psycho.

because her submission roused the slumbering scandalous the was:

Karen of Quarry Garden Stained Glass comments and submits:

Nothing tops a fence like a coupla hundred bowling pins--we were just bowled over. (I know, I know, SUCH clever use of punnage.).

Ttractors aren't Yard Art, because they're for sale, but they do look picturesque next to the Bowling Pins and the Address Rock.
I'm not sure what is corralled in this pasture, but they aren't outside on this fine day.

sigh, here I go one loves the referee.... The fence is a complete work of art, please refer to the Cup Fence. I will leave the floor open to negotiation but as it is:


Fence bedazzled by hundreds of bowling ball pins 1 point
The tractor is for sale but I will give you the wheel: 1 point

Subtotal: 2 points

Creativity Bonus

For the highly decorative fence dedicated to the majestic sport known as bowling: 4 points

Total: 6 points

Welcome to the Loyal Order Of The Golden Manatee

May your Golden Manatee always soar above your rooster

probably why I don't bowl:

We are now open for debate.


  1. My kids have been begging to go bowling but that picture just put me off of that idea a little bit. Naked men in bowling shoes. Yuck. Hope they mind their business at the ball return.

  2. Let the great debate begin. Singular work of art or dozens of individual yard art pieces? Truly a question for the ages. I would be interested to know how/why this homeowner got all these bowling pins.

  3. Oh, my! This is where the Reek Reek Reek Reek comes in really handy. I didn't find THAT particular bowling alley on our road trip that day--unless the alley is in the barn. I haven't bowled since high school in 1978; apparently the rules have changed since Charlie Sheen stole all the bowling shirts. But I see they still have to wear some sort of foot attire.

    El Gaucho, if I only had some more Balls of Bravery, I would have stopped in and conducted an interview.

    The Loyal Order of the Golden Manatee. I am honored!

  4. My question is simple.. who has this kind of time? LOL

  5. Winnie, I guess you have to call ahead and see if it is naked bowling night.

    El Gaucho, the truly is the debate. Do we have an inordinately decorated fence or do we have a bowling pen fence. I want to know where those pins came from too.

    Karen, good point about the bowling shirt. Since Charlie Sheen probably has hundreds there may be a bowling shirt shortage. But I think those those could have found pants if the really wanted to.

    Indoor Fountains, my guess if the fence decorator is not a blogger.

  6. The cup display is art, the bowling pin fence, for some reason, feels like legitimate yard art to me. That is a terrible picture you have posted for us to contemplate - naked men bowling.

  7. No wonder the bowling pins were stolen ...

  8. Cynthia, thanks for your input. It feels like yard art to me also, but I felt the need to put it up for debate.

    Hey, I they are not showing their little bits so it could be worse.

  9. b-a-g, somehow taking away their bowling pins would not stop them for their naked-sporting-ways.

    Naked tennis for example could be more disturbing.

  10. Karen, it would not be a pretty sight.

  11. I'm dying here. Haven't gotten over the naked bowlers (and one is wearing a hat) when you bring up the vision of naked men playing tennis. Flopping in the wind. Whatever happened to old fashioned skinny dipping?

  12. Mom L, the guy in the hat is the modest one. Skinny dipping is old fashion, now we like to flaunt our assets (or lack there of)

  13. Wonders if they then spray the chairs with the same disinfectant they spray the shoes with?

  14. Winnie, very good point and you out grossed me.

  15. Oh look, more point stealing. How unsurprising.

  16. Oh, Winnie, gagggg! My family thinks I should have nighmares after watching vampire and murder shows. Nope. It's the images you people present that cause me not to sleep!!! LOL, folks.

  17. eventer79, and yet you did not stick up for Karen and try to negotiate a better deal for her. hmmm

    Mom L, just think of it as expanding our horizon.

  18. I scroll down to the comment link, and my mind immediately goes blank from the nekkid bowling men.

    Thanks, LH.


    I think they took a pin home each time they went bowling because they wanted to start their own bowling alley. Then, they realized that the bowling balls were a lot harder to sneak out that pins. (Is that a bowling pin, or are you just happy to see me?) They gave up and .... put them on their fence? Whatevs.

    Congrats on your Manatees, Karen :)

  19. redgirl, I would normally agree with you but we have seen a whole lot of bowling ball art. So somewhere there is a bowling goodwill store (where hopefully people are wearing clothes)

  20. I didn't bother because I know that confirmed point stealer cannot be swayed to change her cold-hearted and mistaken ways.

  21. Hahaha eventer79

    I should have known the chill nature of that central organ by the first post I read and subsequently weighed in on:

    The yard boulders.

    I think she just likes to watch us gnash our teeth in futile rage.

  22. I like to imagine the gnashing of your teeth, because as of yet... I am not really outside your window watching your reaction.


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