Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Football - Cuz Even I Can Recognized A Oval Ball

 Kathleen comments and submits:

I don't know what this is - possibly a bear!?

All I know is here in Wisconsin people dress anything up in Green Bay Packers stuff!

Or perhaps it's a coconut... I have always been bad a sports.

Possible Bear painted but wearing a helmet so dressed: 2 points

Subtotal: 2 points

Creativity Bonus

For a bear that looks very unhappy in his uniform on his pathetically dinky platform. : 2 points

Total: 4 points

And did anyone else notice he has some serious quads? I suspect Bernard is closet dancer:

chocochococho caca!


  1. No offense to the artist of that yard art, BUT - that is a weak attempt at "Packer Green & Yellow"; if you are bold enough to put a 6 foot 'Packer' bear in your front yard - put the right colors on the uniform!

    (AND, as a resident in the Chicago-land area -- the only bear wearing a football uniform should be a "CHICAGO BEAR" Just sayin'.)

  2. ...and... great field reporting, Kathleen!!

    (I lived near Milwaukee for 5 years, so I can appreciate "The Pack Being Back".)

  3. Shyrlene, I think all that beach dancing faded his uniform.

  4. Have you seen how a dog tilts his head when puzzled? I'm tilting my head at that vid. I think I know what caca is, and why is that strange green creature singing about it?

  5. I hope the bear's pants were sunbleached, because I thought he had pale human skin on his legs. He looks nekkid, and holding the ball in a strategic place.

  6. Cynthia, I am not sure but he does say something about the sky is blue so I assume he loves nature. Besides, I love the backup crabs and may have to learn this dance.

    Mom L, if that is what I think you are implying, then he had better hold it up, otherwise, he may have to walk around bent over from the weight.

  7. I so agree with Shyrlene. What were they thinking on that paint job. I guess they could not help the melon shaped football. As a packer fan, I might egg the statue out of disrespect to those fans of the green and yellow.

  8. GWGT, I would pay to see you egg a bear statue.


  9. The bear doesn't look too happy. This just shows what happens when we interfere with the natural order of things.

  10. GWGT, can we all come watch you egg the bear? At a respectful distance, of course.

  11. Bears wear Bear Blue. The uniform kind of looks like aqua, but still and all, pat would be less than happy of I but a 6ft bear in the yard.

  12. Around here, it's leprechauns. Fighting Irish and all that.

  13. Olga, Bears really don't to wear helmets. It makes their head all sweaty.

    Mom L, Yeah... let's egg the bear. I bet you have a good throwing arm.

    Jim, you have to keep Pat happy. 6 ft bears are not for everyone.

    MyMaracas, and... where are the leprechauns. We get very little leprechauns submitted here.

  14. I'm so used to the leprechauns I didn't even think of them. Generally, they are painted 5 feet tall on garage doors. I'll try to snap a photo for ya.


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