Monday, May 23, 2011

I Am Stacked with Indecision

I knew one day this would happen. One day someone would find an example of a little yard art item that I have been watching develop as a craft for some time. Part of me loves it. What is not to love: it is full of color, it is recycling (or re-purposing). It would be a lovely feature in a small grotto in your perfectly maintain landscaping. (This is not my house but some of my readers have these types of yards so I know they exist).

 On the other hand... it is a stack of dishes not unlike the morning after a party where I did not feel like cleaning up the night before.
not likin' the puke green, though
So where I am torn about the Tower of Dishes, I LOVE the red bench

Matt of Pass Along Plants submits:

When you don't know what to do with those old plates and vases - here's a way to get them out of the cupboard and into the yard!

  • The dish and bowl totem poles (the blue is my favorite): 2 points
  • Red bench: 0 points (but oh so very very red and may have to copy it)

Subtotal: 2 points

Creativity Bonus

I have to admit that building a lean tower of glassware Pisa is creative. What would be really cool, is if it lit up at night! Come on crafty people how hard would it be to stick in a small spot light: 2 points

Total: 4 points

or get yourself some tower mascots:

Noppon Brothers - official mascots of the Tokyo Tower.


  1. I think it would be better as a water feature, with the bowls and vases right side up. Like a fountain. But just having random upside-down glassware glued together.... meh. I've seen more impressive post party beer-amids.

  2. Did you notice the sad little bench in the back, behind the tree, wishing that IT had a new coat of red paint while that other bench blinds the neighborhood?? Sad. Very sad little bench. :(

  3. Sad to say, I know someone who makes and sells these....

    I have to post annonymously, in case she reads this comment, LOL.


  4. Shannon, it could make a very pretty water feature. I laughed a beer-amids.

    Lin, oooh, I just notice the poor neglected ugly sister bench. No paint for her.

    Muddy Boot Dreams, I think you're safe. My readership is pretty small.

  5. Oh yes, a fountain with changing colored lights, now that would be something!

    Alas my glowing, color changing garden stick that I won from you has suffered an accident. O.K. not so much an accident as an overly enthusiastic Pony Girl using it as a magic wand/light saber. The duct tape held it together for a good season but, I'm afraid it's a gonner now. So sad.

  6. Lola Nova, I agree. Light shows are always excellent. I can't blame Pony Girl, as the stick would make an excellent major wand or a light saber.

    Must resist, running around my back yard tonight twirling that thing around.

  7. One of the pinky mascots musta fell down go boom, he has a bandaid on his head, er, head. Oh and look they got Grand Supreme Ribbon prizes at the State Fair too.

    In other news, those dish thingys are pretty cool, I should make some.

  8. This would be a great way to clean out my cupboards of all the stupid dishes I'll never use, but I don't think my old Formica frying pans and random coffee cups and saucers would look very attractive as a tower in the garden, either. Much better that I leave them hidden in my teeny kitchen cupboards taking up valuable space. Much better. (Someone needs to invent a Sarcasm Font.)

  9. Lauren, yeah, I hope those are heads.

    Karen, it would be hilarious to make towers of my old slightly warped Teflon scrapped off frying pans. I think for sarcasms we will just go YAW!


  10. Those pink eraser colored pointy heads are a bit scary. The dish towers...hmmmm.

  11. Teflon, that was the word I was searching for! Formica pots and pans might have problems with food sticking to them, especially at high heat. YAW indeed.

  12. I thought the Conehead family was back, just disguised!

    Matt, do you think the owner sits on that bright red bench at midnight, waiting for the dishes to dance around?

    And LN, Pony Girl always knows the best way to use a light saber!!!

  13. I've never seen a dish tower. I will have to keep my eyes open and see if I can find one!

  14. oooh I like the dish tower. In fact, I think I see some lamp shades in there.

  15. They are pink bananas. Bananas. Bananas. I am convincing myself.

  16. gwgt, the just don't alone with one or both in a quiet place.

    Karen, Formica pans would probably date your yard too.

    Mom L, sure they are the coneheads...

    Cindy, I have been seeing them in crafty sights. I have also see a few hear and them on Craigs list across the country. The trend is growing.

    Marguerite,lampshades, fruit bowls, cake stands, whatever calls to the artist. But no one better use my original star wars glasses.

    eventer79, whatever you need to tell yourself to get to sleep.

  17. "Sarcasm font"...oh my sweet lord yes!
    I feel it's my duty to point out that the towering um...tower of serving ware is not an entirely new phenomena. My great aunt Myrtle, after her days as a rodeo queen, a taxi driver, and a worker in an aluminum plant, spent many a joyous hour fiddling away with Carnival glass and super glue. Such was her her yard collection that the city paid a few visits to tip their hats at her endeavors and to serve her with legal papers.

  18. I love them. We call them "tacky towers" in my neck of the woods. Although I don't have any in my garden at present, I always think it would be fun to make one. The red bench is pretty darn cool.

  19. My kitchen sink often looks like this after a party too, except the glassware isn't skanky green:)

  20. LH, I'll see your Star Wars glasses and raise you my 2 remaining Star Trek glasses.

  21. Lola Nova, you come from a find line of artists. I would love to see the collection of your great aunt Myrtle. Her carnival glass towers would have been a visual delight.

    Carnival glass on its own, is an acquired taste. Dang city official haters.

    Grace, I love "tacky towers". We are always adding to our vocabulary here. After going to your blog and seeing your red trellis, I could see way. (loved the red trellis)

    A Beer..., I knew you guys would make a great hosts.

    People don't serve dip in a container that looks like the food is already rancid.

  22. Mom L, You have Star Trek glasses!!! I am have an attack of geek envy.

  23. If you know HTML code you can go like this:

  24. oh crap it took me seriously, the code didn't show up ... well with some modifications, one more try:

  25. < sarcasm = "Those pointy pink things are Crayolas!" / sarcasm >

    I will prevail.
    Just imagine all the spaces between the < > and the words outside the quotes disappear.


  26. I have not idea what you just did because I don't see any fancy images or fonts but this was hilarious, Lauren

  27. Karen - What about a Tacky Tupperware Tower ?

  28. b-a-g, that has a nice ring to it.

  29. The Nappon Brothers are freaking me out.LOL


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