Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Santo Niño amongst the dwarfs

The simple pleasure of someone studying the scoreboard and discovering a little known nuances called "The Snow Effect" warms my cold concrete heart. The Snow Effect is the bonus given for a yard artist who no longer has a complete set of dwarfs but continue to display the Snow White entourage, perhaps in hope of recruiting a new Sleepy or Dopey.

 Bom of The Plant Chaser comments and submits:

Snow effect with extras.  Also, like the mermaids I submitted the first time around, Snow White seems to have been working out although I really can't tell with her pouffy sleeves.

The dwarfs are 7 in number but impostor dwarfs seem to have body-snatched Snow's own.  I don't think Snow ever had dwarfs with brown beards unless she is channeling Demi and has decided to have several younger ones around.  Maybe this is Cupid's doing?  He seems to be enjoying lounging around on the bench surveying his handiwork. 

I wonder why none of the dwarfs has told Snow White to get rid of the apple yet?

Notice the blue colored rocks to match the blue flower box.  Blue, green and white marbles to match the plants and the surrounding rocks. (we hardly ever notice real attempts at landscaping but thanks for trying to refine the blog)

I realize that religious statuary are not scored but is there a creativity bonus for finding the Child Jesus (Santo Niño) amongst the dwarfs?

"Sno-ooow, the little guy really brings us down, does he have to wear the crown every day!?!
Santo Niño is quite the snappy dresser.

Snow White (the buff and somewhat stupid variety): 1 point
Cupid hanging out with the gang: 1 point

OK, this is exciting lets see if I get her entourage correct:
  • A Yukon Cornelius  wannabe: 1 point 
  • 4 original dwarfs (you can tell by their bulbous noses): 4 points + 2 points for the Snow Effect
  • 2 short actor dudes (see below): 2 points
  • Santo Niño (who I might add, is a little overdressed for the occasion): 0 points

Subtotal: 10 points

Creativity Bonus (written by Bom)

While this may be politically incorrect (this was in the past and really the fault of his parents and not mine), if the Santo Niño gets no score, can I get a bonus for finding someone who looks like him?

Ah ha ha, I love it when someone finds a closing for me!: 3 points

Total: 13 points
Poor Weng-weng, that would suck to be paraded around every year dressed like a toddler Pope.
(oh geez, I can smell ozone. I am wearing rubber shoes today)


  1. Still upset at you for yesterdays spider posting...

  2. The lumberjack dwarf with the cheesy mustache kind of creeps me out a little.

  3. El Gaucho, all that snow has made you soft. How many spiders do you actually see when you live in the arctic?

    MorningGlory, he does has a wonderfully cheesy mustache. Perhaps we can talk El Gaucho into growing one for us.

  4. Thankfully, there are very few spiders here, one of the benefits of life in North Dakota. Don't worry, we'll rebuild that trust, one non-spider related post at a time.

    I would love to help, but all my previous attempts at growing facial hair were met with public ridicule and mocking from family and friends (in their defense it was totally warranted). Sadly, growing an effective mustache or sideburns is not one of my core competencies.

  5. El Gaucho, seems to be if you are going to be sporting that sexy moniker, you should be able to produce a mega-stache for us. And if you cannot, we would love the privilege of mocking.

    Besides, living in your new cold climate may have forced your body to produce more heat protection. In the testing of that theory: have you sprouted ample back hair?

  6. I agree that I should be more representative of the mighty Gauchos, but lacking the ability to sprout an adequate 'stache, I must be the bestest El Gaucho I can be in other ways.

    And nope, like my dogs, I have shed my luxurious winter coat already in preparation for summer.

  7. El Gaucho, and a very good Gaucho you are! Good news on the shedding, probably a little more vacuuming is needed in the Spring and then everyone is good to go for the summer.

  8. Santo Nino as fill in dwarf for Snow? Totally awesome! Alas poor Weng-weng.

    I'm sure I could whip up a stache out of felt for El Gaucho!

  9. El Gaucho, it's okay about the mustache. My son recently groomed his to resemble Snidely Whiplash, so I have more mustache right now than I can handle. I think that's why the dwarf creeped me out like it did.

  10. Ahhh, Bom. You sure found a cluster of funky dwarves and gnomes. I do worry about poor Weng Weng - that does not look like a healthy environment for a child.

    El Gaucho - we'd all like a chance to see you grow facial hair. That would be much safer for us than if we were watching as you sprouted hair from your hands and feet and your muzzle extended while your nails curved into claws.....

  11. Is Bom eluding to the fact that Snow might be a cougar? Dumping the non-sexy dwarfs and picking up sexy gold miners?

  12. Snow white is slowly replacing her harem and desperately hoping that no one notices.

    Dwarf: Sooo...haven't seen Sneezy or Sloppy around in a while...
    SW: He said he was going to visit his cousin.
    Dwarf: WE'RE his cousins!
    SW: Do you know ALL your grandparents got up to? I think not.
    Dwarf: He doesn't look like a miner.
    SW: He's not here to mine GOLD... *eyebrow waggle*

    Probably should stop this story here.

  13. Wow, it's nice to see everyone pulling for me. The problem is that due to the red hair/light complexion, any facial hair comes in bizarre coloring, an odd streaky combo of blonde, red, brown, and (due to my advancing years) splotches of grey hair. The last time I tried this experiment, I was walking my dog through the park and a little girl said "Mommy, what happened to that man's face?" I had no answer...

  14. I think when if you try again and you get any comments, you should say, pointing at the gray part:

    "Ah, the wolf in me is showing up again. But no one can know..." then turn and give them a werewolf glarel

  15. Some nitwit cut the fiber optic cable for this area. I am dying wanting to play.

    Pecking away at the Damn phone.


  16. Um, you folks with the better monitors... what is that on the wee little bench next to Snow? Perhaps Santo Nino is there to preside over this shapeshifting creature?

  17. El Gaucho your stock value just leaped up major points now that I know you are a ginger.

  18. Maybe the Santo Niño is a post-modern stand-in for the prince? In which case, Snow White may be about to spend the rest of her earthly days as a nun.

  19. Tufa I believe that is Cupid. That is what Bom said.

  20. hahaha Tufa, you said "wee little bench"!

    I love this.

    And LH, I am gleeful thinking of your non participatory status and how it irks you. Also, your own stock has risen by recognizing the value of a ginger. In fact, I think that yards from gingers should get bonus points. What do you think?

  21. I would love to debate this issue with you but my phone pecking skills are lacking

    I am however very much in favor of a ginger breeding program.

    Or did I reveal to much of my world domination plans.

  22. Cupid is a pimp and Snow is a cougar. Wow, fairy tales have taken a turn.

  23. Jeeze LH, way to let the tabby cat out of the bag! All my ginger swains are now starting to wonder if that's the only reason I picked them.

    Because, of course, they all read your blog.

    And the comments, because people of Note read the comments.

  24. @ El Gaucho: I can't even grow hair on my head so I cannot pity you for not being able to grow a mega-stache.

    @ Tufa: If not a cougar, what other explanation could there be?

    @ redgirl: You guys crack me up.

    @ Stacy: A buff nun? Maybe that's why she has the younger dwarves around.

    @ MomL: This might make you worry about Weng-weng more:


  25. Bom, I would really worry if this was the year of the corn; however, this time the farmer across the way will plant soybeans (have to rotate crops, doncha know) and I think Weng Weng might be just a little taller than those. If he were charging out of the cornfield, I have no warning.

  26. I think the religious dude was called in for an exorcism.

  27. Mom L, what a wonderfully bizarre thing to say. I hope there are no little tiny children of the soy.

    Laura, you could very well be right. He certainly dressed for the event.

  28. LH, I moved here toward the end of the harvest nearly 2 years ago, so this will be the first time I have quality time with soybeans. I'll be sure to tell you if I see any children of the soy creeping around. Of course, harvest time in small rural towns (according to the movies) has its own dangers....

  29. Oh my lord! I'm just now catching up and Mom L, can I just say that I think you are awesome?! A Weng Weng/children of the corn/soybean reference - out of nowhere?! Holy crap! "And He Who Walks Behind The Rows did say, "I will send Weng Weng!"

  30. it's like a little piece of heaven!

  31. diane, the Snow White community or Mom L's children of the soy.

    Which is very very clever and I wish that I had said it.


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