Monday, July 11, 2011

Tights and Speedos

El Gaucho of Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes discovered a new crime fighting duo. El Gaucho obviously is in the "gnomes are cute and cuddly camp as he feels that gnomes are altruistic.

He submits the following proof: Crime fight gnomes.

Burt Ward sulks whenever he is forced to wear the Dark Knight's uniform. It seems the old man can never get enough of prancing about in his little back Speedos.
"Check this out, Burt... after all these years, I sill got the goods to don the black bikini"
"Bruce, do we have to continue to play these games.. and no you DO NOT have the goods and I really don't like looking at them."

To make you own crime frighting garden gnomes...(go for something cool like Wolverine or Venom)


  1. That's just scary (reaching for my mental floss).

  2. speedos should be banned from any male past puberty.

    and speaking of that... you know with those full beards there are more than one errant stray hair erupting out from the boundries of those tiny black britches.

  3. Gnomes seem especially proud of their "stuff"

  4. A Brazilian would be a waste of time with those hairy legs.

  5. looks like a gentleman i say in central park once.

  6. Wow, Gninja Gnomes! I hope they can keep the junk concealed, too. Good find, El Gaucho.

  7. Just another reason I don't like gnomes!

  8. Long grey beard + Speedo = junk shrinkage. I'm guessing some baby is missing his socks...

  9. Haha, they are so tacky!
    PS: Missed your posts!

  10. Good grief! Gnomes in briefs. Uhh, why does batgnome seem to have aged better than the gnome wonder?

  11. -E-, remind me not to walk in the park with you

    Karen, Gnome junk is something no one wants to see, and yet we have seen it here.

    greenapples, I understand completely. Mostly they dress up at night.

    debsgarden, gnomes are an acquired taste or they are forced upon you. That is how I acquired mine.

    Casa Mariposa, ah ha ha... poor baby. Good thing we are in sandal weather.

    Christine, I am going to improve. I promise.

    Bom, it is my theory that the Bat gnome likes to cross dress as Robin. Not the correct term but close enough.

  12. Wow ... this is almost too much to process

    (I was on vacation w/ grand hopes of finding some great yard art -- to no avail; and therefore STILL no points! "Curses! Foiled again.")

  13. Hoping to see a Catwoman gnome in the near furture.


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