Friday, July 15, 2011

Xmas in July. Or just plain old lazy white trash

Title and submission provided by diane of Loess is More

So here you are, a happy but lazy home owner. At sometime you were motivated enough to festoon your abode with happy holiday decor. And not for one holiday but for two.

We can assume the pumpkin as long since rotted. 

We can also assume they never use the porch swing

After exhausting months of taking down the string of lights, one inch at a time, Frosty's arms are permanently frozen above his head. Tragically, he cannot adjust his top hat. A sad case of  snowman neglect..  For only 25 cents a day, you can adopt and better the life of a suffering snowman. Donations can be submitted to

A snowman is a terrible thing to waste

  • Dapper Frosty chilling the summer away on the front porch: 1 point + 7 points (holiday bonus)
  • A big old wad of Christmas lights, never made it past the porch into the attic: 1 point + 7 points (holiday bonus)
  • Pun-ish Halloween decoration: (SCORE!) 1 point + 9 points
Subtotal: 26 points

Creativity Bonus

I could almost forgiven the snowman, the lights...well at least they came down but are pathetically wadded up on the porch BUT Halloween, could not put that thing in the closet in 9 months?: 3 points for being pathetic (very much like I have been this summer with my postings)

Total: 29 points

This is me except my hair is brown...and I lost my mask, or it is at the barn or maybe in the car...

Spring Quarter Winners in The Yard Art Game

Morning Glory^: 83 points
Lauren*^^: 80 points
Diane*: 73 point

Of special note, Lauren's full set of Golden Balls


  1. Hard work might pay off some day. Procrastination always pays off RIGHT NOW.

    Great find, especially the Halloween decoration! I thought I was behind with some Easter stuff still around!

  2. MorningGlory, Agreed! Halloween decorations left over through the summer boarders on procrastination genius.

  3. Taking them down is the hard part, putting them away in the box is easy. Jeez I don't get it people, follow some logic in your holiday decoration procrastination.

  4. I want to know where it is cool enough for a snowman these days...

  5. El Gaucho, well superpowers come in many forms and if I were an X-Man I would have procrastinating powers, so I understand the ability to start a project and yet just not complete it. Ask anyone who has clean clothes in the dryer for days, or works out of a dish washer of clean dishes

    Tufa Girl, not here that is for sure.

    -E-, maybe but you know Xena and I both look great in tights.


  6. There really should be a theme song about having a full set of Golden Balls.

  7. I left my holiday things up really late one year and they all disappeared so did not even have to take them down. Got to start all fresh the next year!

  8. I dunno. I'm thinking you should only get full points if they are actually UP on the house and on display. Left on the front porch isn't a display per se. I think I'm getting technical here.

  9. @Lauren: Like this?

    I can't quite imagine the gnomes head-banging, though.

  10. I think you may be giving too much credit in assuming the lights were ever UP in the first place -- that thar looks like a domestic dispute to me. "Harold, did you put the lights on the porch like I said?" "Put the lights on the porch, put the lights on the porch, I'll PUT the #$%$ lights on the porch..."

  11. Our favourite restaurant keeps a ceramic Christmas reindeer on the entryway counter all year round and it cracks us up. Please let that snowman know he is not the only Christmas decoration who has been misery loves company.

  12. Hey, Slacker! Just had to confess that I have been slack, too, and never even commented on Diane's July vision and points.

    Miss everyone, but I still can't show up as a real person. This time, although I've already logged in and commented on Diane's blog, blogger said I don't have access to this page! Bummer.

    Nancy in Iowa

  13. Oh! You've cheered me so! Look forward to more.

  14. Allow me to share one from my ugly garden series...

  15. I will retweet this for all my twitter followers to read

  16. Stephanie,

    Alas, I have been so busy this summer that Lifes Highway has been parked on the side of the road. I'll check out your ugly garden series. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Anonymous, I don't think I get retweeted very often. Thanks for the favor. Perhaps its time to start up the engine.

  17. Autumn is coming, will you return to Yard Art?

  18. LifesHwy - just letting you know you are missed!

  19. Elephant's Eye, yes I believe I will return to yard art. Hectic hard summer, would make a good blog.

    Shyrlene, thanks I miss my blogging friends. Hoping life to return to normal pretty soon.

  20. it is very happy to see your posts again! thanks

  21. I love the pic of the snow man. it is cute!

  22. Missing your posts. I have had a crazy summer and fall and have not been reading as much, but trying to catch up... hope to see new post soon.


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