Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin

New things I have learned:

As soon as you say you will stop scoring, you will find a mega yard in your stash
As soon as The Higher Power decides to start a blog, she kicks my butt (Sharkables)
As soon as your spouse starts a sport that contains bikes, bicycles will accumulate (or they breed like bedbugs in a cheap motel. It could go either way. We presently have three in the garage)

Phylis  modestly submits for our pleasure:
1 home, not even half of bicycles in pics. Fence prolly 250-300 feet long
Let's go do a little investigative yard reporting:

A bike chain gang. So sad when bikes go bad. BUT... 

It's Cracker-Damn-Jack!!! Didn't it suck when they started giving out cheep-o prizes.

Our first fleet of electronic cars including... a Barbie Convertible

A bucket of zest, and a train with a serious coke addiction
Bikes doing hard time and when Bikes pay their debt to society,they need a hard working meal:

Chicken Noodle the soup of used up bike champions

Creativity Bonus

Fence comprised entirely of discarded bicycles, figurines beyond counting and gosh-by-gum Cracker Jacks: 4 points

 Enjoy a sweet and sticky snack whilst basking in the glow that is the Golden Manatee of Merit.

Oh man, I was wrong. Crack Jack has really upped it's game.


  1. OH! That is a very special yard! Are you seriously wanting to quit scoring Life's Highway Art?

  2. Lynn, I thought I did but after posting this yard, I am not so sure. At this time I am considering finishing this year and then get back on track.

    This is one of my favorite yards of the year.

  3. The bicycle fence---that is classic! Where do people come up with these ideas? And so many bicycles???

  4. I would hate to be their neighbor! The neighbors in my neighborhood are always arguing about fences and property lines, they need to see this fence.

  5. Wow, there's so much going on there I don't even know where to start. Where would one acquire a giant Cracker Jack or a huge soup can?

  6. Basically, every bit of anything they have ever owned has been saved for eternity. Those bicycles do remind me of a tree in the neighborhood... where are those photos...

    Eh, forget the scoring: just rank us as reporting/contributing or mega-yard posters.

  7. I don't know about that soup can, but I would be diving into that Cracker Jack box to see if there were any morsels left over! I just love Cracker jacks! And I'm loving the bike fence, too!

  8. Wow. That's one busy, ugly-ass yard.

  9. There's an awesome art yard a few miles from where I live that features a fence made out of bikes. They're painted white and always decorated seasonally. I routinely go out of my way just to check out their latest designs. But the giant food containers creep me out. I bet Jack is just waiting to jump outta that box while the owners are asleep... I'd lock the doors!!

  10. Wow, there's a lot happening in those pics!

  11. There certainly was some time and effort put into the design of this yard... AND with the perfect backdrop to all this art - a home with turquoise siding.

    (..and to think my neighbor called our kids' fort the 'eye sore' [but then, I refer to him as the 'Stepford Husband']..)

  12. Happy New Year! Hopefully the new year will bring renewed blogging zeal for you. Cheers!

  13. in the eye of the beholder I suppose.

  14. Wow, very "busy" place! Cannot wait until April when it officially becomes yard art time!!

  15. Congratulations on the Nobel Prize.LOL. Anyway, bikes that serves as a fence looks like a really brilliant idea. Great post!

  16. Thought of you today! Saw this on the Northwest Flower & Garden Show webpage (2/11/12): (hope the link translate right!)

  17. Wow! Congrats you won. I remember when the prizes used to be plastic and not paper. Great pics!!

  18. Congratulations on the Nobel Prize. I didn't know about that soup can.


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