Friday, November 25, 2011

I-Gallop Rocking Yard Art Style

I am an obsessive person. I go to extremes to be entertained. When I play a video game it is until 3am. 3am where I hear the creak of the bedroom door and hubby is standing there is his little hubby undies giving me "the look".

 I obsessed on my blog to the point of burn out AND

I obsess with the other love my my life, Pete (my horse).

My shoulder needs repairing, I get that..but wait HOW LONG BEFORE I CAN RIDE.  Therefore, I am investigating the alternative to feed my equine fix while my left arm is immobilized for 6 to 8 weeks.

Diane of Loess is More offers:

We are in Vieques Puerto Rico. I just saw this house and made Darrin turn back for a pic for you. I love Puerto rican yard art!

Happy thanksgiving! Hope u get some rockin pain pills! (ME TOO!!!)

Flicka runs but can never escape the Pink House zone. A waking Day-mare comprised of  Pepto Bismo walls and lackluster bovines.

Flicka gallant galloping is inspiring but won't keep me in competition shape. But maybe this will:

woo-hooo ride along  little 'hos

Ginger is still working on his seat:


  1. I never get tired of seeing Diane's photos! She has sent several of Henry and his new adventures, and lots of other gorgeous shots, but looks like she saved this one for you! Maybe if you surround your room with horsie pix it will help you dream of riding...???

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Mom L, I think I am getting a toy pistol, some white hot pants and some ho-boots. That combo plus the drugs should make for a pretty good rootin-tootin couple of weeks.

  3. Hi there,
    It's been absolute ages and I'm so glad to see you blogging again.
    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, just watched that video and now she has a rumbly tumbly :)
    Hope you had a wonderful American Thanksgiving.
    In kindness, Gary

  4. Halu!
    Just checkin to see what you guys have been up to. Hilarious still!

    Awww, but you're lettin' go of the scoring!

  5. Gary, it is great to see you! I hope Penny is well. I need to catch up with all my buddies.

    Sweepy, I am open to suggestions. I just thought maybe the scoring had gotten a little old and we needed a change. I will keep the debate open for a while longer.

  6. A sling! Great place to stash the toy pistol, drugs, game controller, etc.

  7. I think I will find the sling very hand for snacks also, you know, when I am not drooling on myself.

  8. Wow I can't take my eyes off the pink house long enough to admire the yard art. I guess if you're gonna go with a bold color, you should go all out. It does beg the question - Is there a subtle and tactful shade of pink for a house?

  9. We have to redo our siding very soon and I was debating going from a white house to possibly a beige house (as in the color of limestone) but now, NOW I see the perfect color here in your post and have to do some more research on just what kind of stone I would need to replicate this perfection personified.

    I had to do some research on the exercise machine, believe it or not you can still purchase one. (And I thought it was a joke) There's one review on it that I just loved--and a stern heads-up to buy the warranty if your considering this to tide you over from real horseback riding:

    "Six weeks shy of my one-year purchase date, my iGallop suddenly made noise, smelled of smoldering plastic and flopped loosely."

    That 'flopping loosely' doesn't sound like a good thing. I guess I'll pass.

  10. Cool! I love the cowboy cat on a "trail ride". :D

  11. Yes, the shoulder surgery recovery sounds very tragic and horrible. BUT thankfully you had someone kind enough to volunteer to come over and fetch you diet cokes you while you lie pathetically on the couch and whine!

  12. Welcome back! iGallop? what will they think of next? I can't believe that cat stayed in the same spot. mine would have leapt into the air screeching when that thing started to move.

  13. El Gaucho, I think Hot Pink would be a good design choice for you. Think about how it would twinkle in 3 feet of snow. In addition it may draw unicorns.

    Karen, flopping loosely is generally not considered a good thing.

    Lin, I think you would look good in the boots.

    sharkables, if only I felt you actually wanted to read the blog instead of plugging you new instant success blog. Oh...what am I saying you probably skipped straight to the comments. But yes I very much look forward to whining a lot and having you bring me my drugs.

    Marguerite, thank you! My cat would have peed on herself. But then, she is not a very brave cat.


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