Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Time Of Change

Finally, the patron saint of blogs has granted me divine blog permission to once again post nonsense upon the unsuspecting public.

I had a nice rest, well not really, I worked my ass off at work, gained a intern...have managed not to kill said intern and seeing a major product come to completion. 

News: Rotatory Cuff surgery next week. 
Result: upcoming absolute complete boredom. 
Therefore: blog time.

Greta & Vladimir of Free Range Gnomes captured a picture of my intern on lunch break:

I used to call him Beiber-head but he got a haircut. I am not sure it is an improvement. I am still teaching him to fetch me a diet coke.

Warning for anyone remaining who cares: Lifehighway will be undergoing a change. We are going to explore the life along the way and drop the scoring. I'll still post your pictures, link your blog and use your clever comments.  (also quite possibly beg you to come back) but the scoring was overwhelming.


intern grave yard... where interns go who cannot learn basic diet coke delivering skills

_____ Our New Theme Song could not get the original but come on... sing along______


  1. Hip Hip Hurray!!!!

    Glad to see you here. I relish the upcoming comments during your drug induced convalescence.

  2. Yay, it's a pre-Turkey Day miracle!! I'm going to scamper out in the yard to tell the gnomes that you're back (I don't think the wi-fi signal reaches them in the yard) on the blog. The poor gnomes were so sad that they had taken to wearing black armbands as a sign of their mourning.

  3. Tufa Girl, I already have so many drugs!!! One is a nasal spray so the narcotic will go directly into my drug stream. I can only use it for one week thought because of kidney damage. Got to be some good stuff! I plan to write in a drug induced daze.

    El Gaucho, you have gnomes! Quick send a pick. I have a whole holiday of research to do to get back into the swing of it.

    Sniff, I am still loved.

  4. You are back? I wish you Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Autumn Belle, I am and my intern took the day off. So Happy pre-thanksgiving for me and you have a great holiday!!!

  6. So glad you're back! I understand about the scoring; I never really could imagine how you kept up with it all. Good luck with the surgery. If you get totally bored drop me a line; I'm retired now and bored out of my tree--we could do lunch.

  7. Hope the surgery goes well TG. Nice to see your blog.

  8. Glad you're back LH - I was waiting.
    No scores is fine with me - everyone's a winner.

  9. MorningGlory, You are retired! Time have all the time in the world would be a luxury. I would love to have lunch sometime but you probably don't want to see me in the next few weeks as I anticipate a lot of whining on my part.

    Creekside, thanks bunches. I feel ready to go (other than the surgery part but the drugs will be good)

    b-a-g, so good to see ya' Glad I got a comment on the scores. I will be changing the look and just having some fun. You guys can score at home.

  10. Hooray! Great to see you emerge from gnomeless lands. No scores is fine with me, too--I never really paid much attention to them, actually. Best wishes on the surgery!

  11. You're back! Hurrah! Huzzah! Yippee! Not having to keep score is not a problem for me either, it was just a hoot seeing everyone's comments and posts.

    Good luck with your surgery, and I hope you'll keep us up to date on your recovery. Happy Thanksgiving, too. It sure is good to have you back.

  12. :0) Wearing our happy faces now!!!

  13. Glad to see you return. Looking forward to the new and improved LH. Hope all goes well with the surgery.

  14. Oh, Happy Gnomegiving she's back! And you didn't have to beg me - I've watched for this day for months! And don't worry about the departed scoring - makes the playing field level for me; not a camera person, you know! Good luck with your surgery; I see a neurosurgeon Monday to find out what they can do about the spinal stenosis that has knocked me flat in the past few months. Already had it, didn't know it, then fell flat on my back and made the lower vertebrae sit up and demand attention. Welcome Home!!!
    Nancy in Iowa

  15. I knew if I kept checking back eventually I'd see a new post. Thank goodness! Persistence pays off.

  16. Stacy, thanks. The biggest problem is the break from riding my horse, but I will have plenty of time to catch up with my blogging buddies

    Karen, thanks it has been a great holiday, hope yours has been good, too.

    GWGT, I am really surprised by the well wishes after I went on a long hiatus. I know you continue to be productive and over the top creative.

    MomL, does this mean we will be seeing some of your own field reporting? I don't really understand all of the spinal stuff but I hope you get great news. I have missed you, Mom L.

    Lynn, thank you so much. I may stay crying.

    Julie, so kind.

  17. YEA!! You are back!!! I've missed you!!!

    I'm glad we are done with the scoring--I never got past 3 or something lame like that. :(

    Interns suck. Co-workers pretty much suck. Hell, work sucks.

    Hey, I'm gonna have toe-straightening surgery the following week--maybe we can cyber hang out! Hahaha!

  18. Welcome back! No scoring is perfectly fine. There seems to be a lot of blog burnout going around. Whatever makes the blogger happy is perfectly fine with me.

  19. Lin, yep... work sucks. If only I could play on the PC all day.

    Bom, hey, good to see ya! I may score from time to time but it will not be a major driving force.

    I am still playing the At Home Version.

  20. The dog is thrilled beyond words.


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