Friday, July 15, 2011

Xmas in July. Or just plain old lazy white trash

Title and submission provided by diane of Loess is More

So here you are, a happy but lazy home owner. At sometime you were motivated enough to festoon your abode with happy holiday decor. And not for one holiday but for two.

We can assume the pumpkin as long since rotted. 

We can also assume they never use the porch swing

After exhausting months of taking down the string of lights, one inch at a time, Frosty's arms are permanently frozen above his head. Tragically, he cannot adjust his top hat. A sad case of  snowman neglect..  For only 25 cents a day, you can adopt and better the life of a suffering snowman. Donations can be submitted to

A snowman is a terrible thing to waste

  • Dapper Frosty chilling the summer away on the front porch: 1 point + 7 points (holiday bonus)
  • A big old wad of Christmas lights, never made it past the porch into the attic: 1 point + 7 points (holiday bonus)
  • Pun-ish Halloween decoration: (SCORE!) 1 point + 9 points
Subtotal: 26 points

Creativity Bonus

I could almost forgiven the snowman, the lights...well at least they came down but are pathetically wadded up on the porch BUT Halloween, could not put that thing in the closet in 9 months?: 3 points for being pathetic (very much like I have been this summer with my postings)

Total: 29 points

This is me except my hair is brown...and I lost my mask, or it is at the barn or maybe in the car...

Spring Quarter Winners in The Yard Art Game

Morning Glory^: 83 points
Lauren*^^: 80 points
Diane*: 73 point

Of special note, Lauren's full set of Golden Balls

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tights and Speedos

El Gaucho of Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes discovered a new crime fighting duo. El Gaucho obviously is in the "gnomes are cute and cuddly camp as he feels that gnomes are altruistic.

He submits the following proof: Crime fight gnomes.

Burt Ward sulks whenever he is forced to wear the Dark Knight's uniform. It seems the old man can never get enough of prancing about in his little back Speedos.
"Check this out, Burt... after all these years, I sill got the goods to don the black bikini"
"Bruce, do we have to continue to play these games.. and no you DO NOT have the goods and I really don't like looking at them."

To make you own crime frighting garden gnomes...(go for something cool like Wolverine or Venom)