Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin

New things I have learned:

As soon as you say you will stop scoring, you will find a mega yard in your stash
As soon as The Higher Power decides to start a blog, she kicks my butt (Sharkables)
As soon as your spouse starts a sport that contains bikes, bicycles will accumulate (or they breed like bedbugs in a cheap motel. It could go either way. We presently have three in the garage)

Phylis  modestly submits for our pleasure:
1 home, not even half of bicycles in pics. Fence prolly 250-300 feet long
Let's go do a little investigative yard reporting:

A bike chain gang. So sad when bikes go bad. BUT... 

It's Cracker-Damn-Jack!!! Didn't it suck when they started giving out cheep-o prizes.

Our first fleet of electronic cars including... a Barbie Convertible

A bucket of zest, and a train with a serious coke addiction
Bikes doing hard time and when Bikes pay their debt to society,they need a hard working meal:

Chicken Noodle the soup of used up bike champions

Creativity Bonus

Fence comprised entirely of discarded bicycles, figurines beyond counting and gosh-by-gum Cracker Jacks: 4 points

 Enjoy a sweet and sticky snack whilst basking in the glow that is the Golden Manatee of Merit.

Oh man, I was wrong. Crack Jack has really upped it's game.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why You May Have Missed Me

Because without me, how would you know these lovely items are available on ebay:

Shoeshine Boy (wardrobe may vary)

Black Friday is over, you did not find the gift of your dreams for that special someone. Perhaps you feel you are running out of time. Perhaps you have a crooked toe (Lin) or a bumb shoulder (me) and the shopping days are leaking through your broken few days like sand through a seive.

No worries. Leroy is here to help.

I hear he shines a good shoe.

(Blogger not responsible for driveby shooting, rocks thrown windows, hate mail or poorly polished boots.)

Friday, November 25, 2011

I-Gallop Rocking Yard Art Style

I am an obsessive person. I go to extremes to be entertained. When I play a video game it is until 3am. 3am where I hear the creak of the bedroom door and hubby is standing there is his little hubby undies giving me "the look".

 I obsessed on my blog to the point of burn out AND

I obsess with the other love my my life, Pete (my horse).

My shoulder needs repairing, I get that..but wait HOW LONG BEFORE I CAN RIDE.  Therefore, I am investigating the alternative to feed my equine fix while my left arm is immobilized for 6 to 8 weeks.

Diane of Loess is More offers:

We are in Vieques Puerto Rico. I just saw this house and made Darrin turn back for a pic for you. I love Puerto rican yard art!

Happy thanksgiving! Hope u get some rockin pain pills! (ME TOO!!!)

Flicka runs but can never escape the Pink House zone. A waking Day-mare comprised of  Pepto Bismo walls and lackluster bovines.

Flicka gallant galloping is inspiring but won't keep me in competition shape. But maybe this will:

woo-hooo ride along  little 'hos

Ginger is still working on his seat:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Time Of Change

Finally, the patron saint of blogs has granted me divine blog permission to once again post nonsense upon the unsuspecting public.

I had a nice rest, well not really, I worked my ass off at work, gained a intern...have managed not to kill said intern and seeing a major product come to completion. 

News: Rotatory Cuff surgery next week. 
Result: upcoming absolute complete boredom. 
Therefore: blog time.

Greta & Vladimir of Free Range Gnomes captured a picture of my intern on lunch break:

I used to call him Beiber-head but he got a haircut. I am not sure it is an improvement. I am still teaching him to fetch me a diet coke.

Warning for anyone remaining who cares: Lifehighway will be undergoing a change. We are going to explore the life along the way and drop the scoring. I'll still post your pictures, link your blog and use your clever comments.  (also quite possibly beg you to come back) but the scoring was overwhelming.


intern grave yard... where interns go who cannot learn basic diet coke delivering skills

_____ Our New Theme Song could not get the original but come on... sing along______