Monday, May 14, 2012

Where the Buoys Are....

There are many southern sub-cultures. There are mountain southerners, deep south southerns, urban southerners and there are coastal southerners. I am/was a coastal southerner. We call folks who lived out in the country as "being in the sticks". I grew up in the sticks. This means I did not grow up on the water but in the country side (inland). Also we Eastern North Carolinians did not use the term "redneck". Here is a bit of trivia. Growing up in the sticks, those people who everyone else lumps in the general category as "redneck" we called "grits". Hey it was what we did... we Sticks people.

Susan H has obviously been to the coast. Coastal yard art is different and usually flamboyant.

Susan H comments and submits:
"Why were there no buoys in life to show you the way?"  Nora Roberts
Because this guy had them all!

A glorious cacophony of color and shape nautical collection or a buoy-napper your call
That is one thing you can always count in the country: The Shed. Here, The Shed, acts a a run-over collection display-er. (Love the multicolored Adirondack chairs).
When you run out of buoys a tea pot or three will do

Score (before we get into the whole cup fence issue, I am calling this decoration of the house and not a complete work of art) Susan supplied the list, my comments are in red

- Lighthouse: 1 point
- Seahorse bird bath (amazing that I had to go back and look for this): 3 points
- Cat: 1 point
- Dog with bandana: 2 points (because he is dressed)
- 4 tea pots on the well - I know, I know - something about being functional? (not in this case) 4 points
- Bird bath on the tree stump (love stump usage): 1 point
- 173 Buoys – at least. I  should have walked around the back of the house and I'm not sure I counted right: 173 points. That's right I am giving them to her.

Subtotal: 185 points

Creativity Bonus

For the avid dedication of a collector (pilfer-er or beach comber), the mounting of the collection and noise that house much make in the wind: 4 points

Total: 189 points

The manatee calls the buoy house, to be the yard to beat in 2012

A little reminder of Yard Art with Pets Tuesday...


  1. Rufus looks like a tiny little discus thrower. I bet you'd get a heck of a work out trying to jump rope over the buoy and make sure you didn't get smacked in the shins.

    1. El Gaucho, I watched that video several times. I am always amazed by what entertains a dog. Makes me worry about small dogs on leashes.

  2. This goes beyond 'collection' and lands firmly in the column labeled 'obsession'. Great find, Susan!

  3. Morning Glory, did you notice how white the house is. Do they take down all the buoys to paint or power wash? Are they pegged or are they permanently affixed so as not to blow off in a hurricane. So many things I would like to know.

  4. "The noise this house must make in the wind" Very funny!!!

  5. I dunno, looks like art to me. But I realize you are the final arbiter, so I will not make a fuss. As for the dog, I thought he would end up on his back, trussed up like a dogie at a rodeo. But no, he was more nimble than that.

    1. Cynthia, I would agree with you that it is art...because I think of yard art as its own form. But do I think the house decoration was created as an artistic statement on the brevity of our life as signified by the transient movement of lost buoys in the tide... nah.

      Now the dog, the dog is a performance artist.

    2. Hey, I can do deep...sort of

  6. In shock that you had to go back and look for the seahorse bird bath! Rufus is amazing! Susan H.

    1. Susan, I am sad to report that it is true. I was so dazzled by the house that I missed the seahorse treasure.

  7. I am so buoyed up by this post and, believe me, I needed the boost. I have so little time at the moment to do any field reporting due to an encroaching garden tour. I was amazed you had footage that looks exactly like my dizzying efforts at making this garden tour-worthy, Rufus and I have SO much in common.

    Great find!

    1. Congratulations on making a garden tour, I know your place will look spectacular. How could it not.

  8. This house leaves me speechless. Take yard art to new level!!!!

  9. Oh, I so call foul. My mugs didn't count but the buoys did? Psh, that is clearly one display. She remains a point-stealer. That said, I do like the teapots.

  10. that count is so unfair!!!!!
    the dog with bandana should have been 3 points!!


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