Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Just Need The Correct Bait

CTWD is on the watch for errant lawn ornaments because Boykins seem to be particularly fond of cameras. While he guards the yard perimeter waiting for his photo-op, Mr Moretti lays in wait and snags a prize.
It's just you and me my pale Italian friend... 

 First entry in the Pet and Yard Art Series.

Remember, you can send in a photo at anytime. I will post them once a week. Near the end of the year the select 12 will make mega-calendar fame. Or at least luke warm fame... or you can bug you co-workers with your pookie and a lawn jockey.

You know what happens when you mix rodents with alcohol?
Nothing good                      arthropoda.wordpress.com    

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  1. Ha ha this post made me smile, love that little rodent ornament...not sure on the rodent wine holders though :/


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