What You Wanted to Know... But Didn't Care to Ask

The Life's Highway Game has been slowly meandering down the interwebs and along the way a few newer plays have joined the playing field. To avoid newbie confusion I compiled a few commonly asked questions:

1. What is the Yard Art Game?
The yard art game developed over time driving to and from competitions that were animal in nature. Please don't make me say what kind.
OK... it was cat shows, there I said it, are you happy.
The left side of the car competes against the right side of the car. Points are combined until the destination is reach or someone get's bored. Yard and garden objet d'art are scored.
see rules.

2. What does that have to do with this blog?
Life's Highway is the at home version.

3. How do you score?
The point system is always displayed in the right column under Scorecard.

4. What exactly is the Creativity Bonus?
Displays that cause an emotional response whether good or bad are eligible for an additional bonus of 1 to 4 points over and above the tally derived from individual items identified in the display.

5. The Golden Manatee Award confuses me?
The Golden Manatee is awarded to a player who submits a yard that earns the highest allowed creativity bonus score. See Above.

6. Why should I negotiate?
As in the highway version, the opposing player highlight items or collections of great interest convincing the opposing side to grant a better bonus score. Hey, if you can convince me, I can be moved.

7. Why do you get to score?
It's my game.

8. Who is the Higher Power?
The Higher Power is the co-creator to the Yard Art Game. Dragged over a great deal of the rural South she played in a effort to keep from dying of boredom. On rare occasions the Higher Power will grace us with her presence to serve as referee.

9. How do I play?
Submit your picture and your comments to lifeshighwaygame@gmail.com. Your submission will be score and posted as quickly as I can manage. You will be notified that I received your submission.

10. When does the game end?
Scoring restarts on January 1.

I think that covers it for now. Any more questions?