Score Card

The Life's Highway Game is a work in progress and open to interpretation. As The Yard Art Game has progressed more detailed scoring list is needed for new players. Also I have heard tale of field reporters printing the scoring list, so I am all about accommodating the players.

Animals and Figures: 1 point
- Cupids (as in not angels, as in fat babies with tiny wings) : 1 point 

- Dressed (bows, ribbons, clothing and costumes) : 1 point

-Family groups bonus with members of unequal or disproportional size: 1 point 
Birdbaths: 1 point  
Broken birdbaths still in use: 2 points
Ornamental (non-functioning) structures in yard art
wishing wells, lighthouses, windmills, wheels, etc: 1 point
birdhouse loophole - decorative birdhouses not intended for habitation: 1 point

Garden Globes: 1 point

Ornamental stands and pedestals: 1 point  

Tires as landscaping: 1 point

Household items as art:
(sinks, toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, plates, wishing wells, lighthouses, windmills, wheels, etc): 1 point 

Holiday decorations - 1 point for every month past seasonal celebration

Snow Effect 
- 1 point each for a complete Snow White set with 7 Dwarfs.  
- 2 point bonus for an incomplete set.

Classic Kitsch - 3 points
- donkey and flower cart
- dutch couple kissing
- frog and lily pad
- frog couple on Victorian bench 
- frog fishing
- stable boy/ groomsman
- seahorse birdbath (love this one)

Garden Gnomes - 4 points (The garden gnome is the highest scoring individual item in the game. Mainly because we have never seen one while driving by a yard at 60 mph)

Creativity - 1 point to 4 points All creative, unusual and surprising yard art presentations are open to negotiations on a scale of 1 to 4. Top score of 4 points receives the Golden Manatee award.

Not Scored - Religious items including all angels and saint statuary.  (I am willing to chance it with cupids and cherubs)
- Flags (unless holiday related and then the holiday rule would apply)
- Things we consider as actual art (open to interpretation)